A Selection of Trevor Dunn Favourites

Bass player, composer and friend of our page Trevor Dunn celebrates his 52nd birthday today It is a mammoth task to appreciate or understand the amount of music Trevor has written and contributed to over the years, you only have to browse the discography section on his website to marvel at the extent of his work. From rock to jazz, experimental sounds to classical Trevor has it all covered. There is Dunn-music that is easily accessible - mostly involving his childhood friend Mike Patton - but if you don't look past this you could miss out on some incredible stuff. Below is a list of some of our favourite Trevor Dunn recordings. 1. Stare Baby (2018) The brainchild of drummer Dan Weiss, this

Faith No More Released their single 'Epic' 30 years ago

Faith No More's smash single from 'The Real Thing' was released on January 29th 1990 "Mean, Vicious, chunky and Funky, Faith No More continue to break barriers with their brain-scrambling amalgamation of seemingly counteracting styles. Rap with Metal? No problem mate. Funk with  Hardcore overtones? Faith No More have it in hand. Hell, there's even a classical piano break at the end! FNM are the band to take Hard Rock into the '90s." - RIP Magazine 1990 Faith No More have over the years spoken openly about their dislike for the song Epic. Not about the music or lyrics but more the boredom of playing it relentlessly for such a long time. “It seems sometimes kids turn up just to hear that one s

Watch Mike Patton perform with Laurie Anderson at San Francisco Jazz Center

On Saturday January 25th Mike Patton and Laurie Anderson performed Quanjing Jieyao Pian,  the final chapter of Jixiao Xinshu at Miner Auditorium in the SF Jazz center Laurie Anderson 2020 SF Residency Night 3: Together with Mike Patton and Rubin Kodheli, Anderson explored the outer edges, going into full Patton shriek, scrape and shout territory. Lots of improv. The second half focused on Lou Reed’s universe of Tai Chi. He was working on a book on Tai Chi when he died, which Anderson just completed. The trio explored the meditative element of Tai Chi, culminating in Patton reciting Reed’s 'The Power of the Heart.' - Anil Prasad #mikepatton #laurieanderson

Faith No More released Video Croissant on January 28th 1993

On January 28th 1993 Faith No More released their home video compilation, Video Croissant Kerrang! | kkkkk | December 1992 | Chris Watts JUST WHEN you thought it was impossible to buy anything else from Faith No More Ltd, the Christmas Cobbler turns up, late, but in good spirits. Yet more stuff. Yet more pop dollars to spend.Fund the cause and keep everybody smiling. They spoil you. Yes, they really do. 'Video Croissant' is basically a 10-track compilation of Faith No More promos, custom-FXed for the MTV machine. There are few surprises. As you might expect from America's least lumpen, the business of Faith No More is gorgeous and sick. There are snippets of gibberish from their Rock In Rio

Watch Mike Patton and Mike Bordin in the first trailer for Baseball Furies

In July 2019 we spoke with Jason Dummeldinger the director of Baseball Furies, an upcoming documentary which looks at the unlikely but strong connection between counter-culture musicians and baseball. The film features interviews with Mike Patton, Mike Bordin, Buzz Osborne, Dale Crover and many more. The official trailer was screened on Sunday to a select lucky few at GMan Tavern in Chicago. You can now watch the full preview below, and see Mike B thumbing through his collection of vintage baseball cards, plus live footage of The Melvins. #mikepatton #mikebordin #

Faith No More - Sheffield Octagon, January 27th 1990

Thirty years ago today FNM performed at Sheffield Octagon in the UK in support of their third album The Real Thing. Read the Kerrang! review Kerrang - Issue 275 | 03.02.1990 | Howard Johnson Octagon, Sheffield MORTAL SIN are Aussie Thrashers, and by the time I managed to brave the monsoon weather and Sheffield's one-way system, they are already well into their set. Moshers are joyously leaping from the PA stacks, the band are cranking out suitably monstrous riffs, and vocalist Mat Maurer is giving it the obligatory gravelly growl. All is as it should be at a Thrash gig. And yet that's just the trouble; Mortal Sin have plenty of enthusiasm and a good deal of technical ability, but very little

Mike Patton Comments on the Tragic Death of Kobe Bryant

Patton shared two words in remembrance of Lakers basketball star who was killed in a helicopter crash Legendary NBA player Kobe Bryant and his 13 year old daughter Gianna were among nine people who were killed in the crash on Sunday in Calabasas, California. 41 year old Bryant was one of basketball's greatest ever players, he retired in 2016 as a five-time NBA champion who spent his 20-year career with Patton's favourite team the Los Angeles Lakers. Mike shared a picture of Bryant's shirt on social media accompanied with two words, Kobe forever #mikepatton #kobebryant #lalakers

More European Shows added to Faith No More 2020 Tour

FNM add shows in Germany, The Netherlands, Italy and Switzerland Faith No More continue to fill up the summer with European tour dates, today the band announce another five concerts. They will headline shows in Germany at Schleyerhalle Stadium in Stuttgart on Monday June 22nd, Max Schmeling Halle in Berlin on Tuesday June 23rd. AFAS Live concert hall in Amsterdam, Netherlands on Friday July 3rd. Milano Summer Festival in Italy on Monday July 6th. And at Halle 622 in Zurich, Switzerland on Tuesday July 7th. Tickets go on sale Tuesday 28th January at 10am CET. Check fnm.com for password and links. For the full tour schedule check Tour Dates. #faithnomore

A Decade of Mike Patton 2009 to 2019

Today we wish Mike Patton, the man of a thousand voices, a very happy 52nd birthday. The last decade has been a thrilling time to be a Patton-fan. A decade which featured the Resurrection of Faith No More and Tomahawk. The introduction of new projects such as Nevermen, Dead Cross and tētēma - to name a few. A decade which witnessed Patton’s mastery of film soundtrack compositions. A decade of countless memorable live perfomances. 2019 to 2019 was exceptionally Patton-tastic and Mike has remained the most hardworking and busiest he could possibly be. To celebrate his 52nd birthday and recent career in music we have selected some highlights from the last ten years. 1. Faith No More Reunited (2

Faith No More | NME - January 3rd 1993

Should MIKE PATTON cut the crap? Does RODDY BOTTUM need to come out of the closet? Does BIG JIM MARTIN treat women like dirt? And are FAITH NO MORE a mess of insecurities, attitudes and extravagant contrasts congealing into a thrilling whole... or just another rock band? Not an 'Easy' question to answer, reckons GINA MORRIS, as she spends a week in France with America's premier scatological strew-ups and wonders why such a nice boy like Mike Patton feels the need to swig his own piss and shit in a hair dryer. NME | 03.01.1993 | Gina Morris Faecal Attraction Mike Patton is urinating. Not into a urinal, not on the street and not in private. Mike Patton is pissing onstage - in front of thousand

Faith No More Bushfire Benefit show at Manchester Apollo

Faith No More have added a night to their UK tour on Tuesday June 9th. All proceeds will go to Australian fire relief funds. The band recently shared a post in support of the charities giving aid to those who have suffered due to the terrible bush-fires raging across Australia. Love and support to our Australian friends and family who have been so good to us through the years. We're strategizing a way in which to help. This extra show at Manchester Apollo is the band's contribution and all proceeds from ticket sales will be donated to Wires (Australian Wildlife Rescue) and CFS Foundation. Reading the news about what’s been happening in Australia has been heartbreaking, It’s hard to even com

Faith No More | Sounds Magazine - January 23rd 1988

The dance floor heavy metal of FAITH NO MORE makes them one of the prime contenders for '88 and the lyrics of vocalist Chuck Mosley penetrate deep into the human psyche. NEIL PERRY meets up with the Californian quintet on the Atlanta leg of their American tour. Making tracks MARY SCANLON. Sounds Magazine | 23.01.1988 | Neil Perry Hear My Train A'comin' Faith No More's wiry drummer, Mike Bordin, cuts himself off in mid-sentence as he surrenders to the dominating roar and clank of a huge locomotive which crawls past just a few yards away. From dusk to dawn you can hear the goods trains, ponderous heavy metal behemoths, as they punctuate the night with mournful wails from their horns. Mike watc

Mr. Bungle Will Add Unheard Songs To Their Set Lists

Trevor Dunn tweets that Mr. Bungle will premiere three songs from the 'Raging Wrath of the Easter Bunny' era. Mr. Bungle's twitter feed has been rather busy in the lead up to February's run of 'Raging Wrath of the Easter Bunny' shows. The newly reformed band have been treating us to classic flyers, photos and plenty of new information about the set lists for the seven upcoming gigs. The band dispelled any speculation that they might include songs from their three albums released on the Warner Bros label, "Gentle reminder: we're playing nothing from any of our WB records. Haha!" Trevor has already revealed via his website that we would hear some cover songs in the set, alongside the eight tra

Ray Burton Passes Away aged 94

Cliff Burton's father passed away on Wednesday January 15th On Tuesday 19th January Ray's daughter Connie shared the sad news on her social media : "To let you all know that my Dad died last Wednesday. Rest in peace Dad." Ray's son was the legendary original bass player with Metallica who recorded their first three albums and was tragically killed in a bus accident 35 years ago. Cliff was a childhood friend of both Mike Bordin and Jim Martin { How Cliff Burton Helped To Form Faith No More } and both have had the continued support of Ray throughout their careers. Over the years Ray has kept his late son's memory and legacy alive. He donated royalty checks he received from Cliff's music to f

Faith No More at Rock In Rio II 1991

On January 20th 1991 Faith No More performed their first show in South America at Rock In Rio 2. Faith No More appeared live in Brazil and South America for the first time which was the beginning of their relationship with the continent, this particular show has become one of those legendary performances we can't stop watching and discussing. Rock In Rio is one of the largest music festivals in the world with 700,000 attending in 1991. The line-up included Prince, Guns 'n' Roses and New Kids On The Block. The media storm that followed FNM in Brazil over this few days was intense, they were mobbed by fans in the street, interviewed for numerous TV stations including several features for MTV

Faith No More Followers Version 2.0

A New Era for Faith No More. We are about to begin a new era with Faith No More as the band prepare to tour Europe and the UK in Summer 2020. In reaction this we at Faith No More Followers have decided to provide a fresh new website. As technology sucks... we have unfortunately not been able to migrate our previous site into this one, however Faithnomorefollowers.com will remain live and you can browse the thousands of articles via our ARCHIVE section. We will continue to cover all FNM news and publish nostalgic articles, but hopefully now with a bit more pizzazz! Leave comments below about our new design.