Faith No More - The Old Trout Windsor, February 28th 1995

Faith No More played their first show of the King For A Day Fool For A Lifetime tour twenty five years ago. Raw | Issue 171 Silly Old Trout by Dave Ling FAITH HO MORE warmed up for their, er, warm-up tour at the Windsor Old Trout. DAVE LING pulls up a ringside seat. A FEW days before the start of Faith No More's UK tour, the band played a low-key date at, of all places, The Old Trout in Windsor. Billing themselves as NEW FAT BASTARDS, the show took place before just 200 people and served as the debut public show of new guitarist Dean Menta. Details of the appearance had been kept strictly hush-hush - to the point where the band's agent had been ordered to pull the plug on it if any inquis

Faith No More Released 'Digging The Grave' 25 Years Ago!

The first single from Faith No More's fifth studio album King For A Day Fool For A Lifetime was released on February 28th 1995. Twenty five years ago we were awaiting the arrival of the new Faith No More record King For A Day Fool For A Lifetime - several nervous ideas were pulsating around our brain boxes. Would it measure up against it's masterpiece of a predecessor Angel Dust ? How would it work out without the grinding axe work of big sick and ugly guitarist Jim Martin? And how would it sound without Matt Wallace behind the mixing desk? At 9 am on February 28th 1995 the very first single release ahead of the album DIGGING THE GRAVE the hit record stores, and shortly after that the CD, C

Listen To ‘Science in Modern America’ The New Single From Buzz Osborne feat Trevor Dunn

There are many musical partnerships that should be celebrated - Buzz Osborne and Trevor Dunn were first introduced by Mike Patton when they were brought together to record the debut Fantômas album. Since then the pair have collaborated many times including Melvins lite. King Buzzo now returns with his second solo album, Gift of Sacrifice, on May 15th via Ipecac Recordings. The nine-song release finds Buzz joined again by longtime friend and bass player Trevor Dunn. The collection’s first single, Science in Modern America can be heard now. Album pre-orders include CD, black vinyl, a limited edition hot pink variant available exclusively via the Ipecac webstore as well as a tour only, opaque

Listen To 'Thermal Drift' From Bill Gould’s Talking Book II Released On April 24th

Talking Book is the soundscape project featuring Bill Gould, Jared Blum and Dominic Cramp. Their 2011 album was a fantastic abstract expressionistic recording which plays likes the soundtrack to a movie. It is dark and atmospheric yet still has an underlying warmth with rich textures and distinctive melodies. "It’s got a lot of subtle melodies and shifts parts a lot and progresses. There’s movement to it, so you kind of go down this sink hole with us." - Blum 2016 You can read our interview with Jared Blum HERE. Koolarrow Records have announced that the long-awaited follow up record will be released on April 24th. Though the approach to creating the record has been uniquely their own, there

Zeus! Featuring Mike Patton On Upcoming Cramps Tribute Album

Italian math rock duo Zeus! have recorded a cover of Human Fly by The Cramps featuring Mike Patton. Justin Pearson's One Three G Records will issue a tribute album to The Cramps as their one hundredth release titled Really Bad Music For Really Bad People: The Cramps as Heard Through the Meat Grinder of Three One G. The record will feature bands such as Daughters and Retox as well as Mike Patton with Zeus!. Patton will feature on a cover of the 1978 song Human Fly originally on the band's first EP Gravest Hits. Three One G’s one hundredth release will be another tribute, this time to an iconic band known for its raunchy and pure punk spirit, all while looking effortlessly cool: The Cramps. Fo

Faith No More add Two more European Dates

Two more dates added to Faith No More's summer European tour This summer is filling up with FNM dates and two more have been added in Sweden. On Thursday June 25th Liseberg amusement park in Gothenburg and on Roddy's birthday Wednesday July 1st Gröna Lund amusement park in Stockholm. For the full list of tour dates in the UK, Europe and North America check HERE. #faithnomore #europeantour

Mike Patton and Toodles

Shit terrorist was the phrase coined by Mike Patton himself in 1992 t describe his unsanitary behaviour, but hidden amongst the turd eating and golden showers was a more unnerving storyline... During 1992 Patton shed his weather worn pin-up frat boy skin and emerged as a scruffy thrift shop degenerate who rather unexpectedly stole our hearts. His lovable cartoon character antics were replaced by stomach churning mischief that gave us all a laugh at the expense of stereotype rock n rollers like Axl Rose. Toodles was an antique child’s doll which found her way into several interviews and photo shoots during the end of 1992 and into 1993. The origin of Patton’s creepy companion differs from int

The Faith No More and Korn Connection

FNM and Korn will embark on a huge 26 date of North America and Canada in the summer of 2020, we examine their history together. Faith No More have always vehemently refused to take any responsibility for inspiring the 90s alternative movement of nu-metal, where-as Korn reluctantly take credit for inventing it. Both bands suffered from hapless pigeon-holing by the music press who were unable to define their unique sounds and had to invent labels for convenience - FNM funk metal , Korn nu metal. The two bands recently announced they would play together for dates at Banc of California Stadium in Los Angeles alongside System Of A Down and Helmet. Soon after it was revealed that Korn and FNM wou

Mr. Bungle Recording 'Raging Wrath Of The Easter Bunny'?

Rumours have been circulating that the recent live line up of Mr. Bungle will re-record their 1985 demo cassette Raging Wrath of the Easter Bunny Have we now got concrete evidence? As Scott Ian posts a picture on social media of himself playing a Baritone guitar through a Plasma pedal. We can clearly see from the painting of Dave Grohl on the wall that he is indeed at Studio 606 in Northridge California. Also that is Trey Spruance's Guitar in the background, and possibly Trey himself crouched behind Ian. Ian was supposed to appear on the Eddie Trunk show along with Brian Posehn to promote their comedy metal album, Grampa Metal, but had to cancel due to a "super secret recording session in LA

Faith No More and Korn U.S and Canada Summer Headline Tour

Faith No More will co-headline a 26 date tour across the U.S and Canada in August and September 2020. The extensive tour will include support from Daron Malakian and Scars On Broadway and Helmet for select dates. Plus Ipecac Recordings own Spotlights and noise punk duo '68. The announcement follows on from two dates at Banc of California Stadium with System of a Down and Korn on May 22nd and 23rd. The dates with Scars On Broadway are: 7th August - Pepsi Center - Denver, CO 9th August - Usana Amphitheatre - Salt Lake City, UT 11th August - White River Amphitheatre - Auburn, WA 13th August - Toyota Amphitheatre - Sacramento, CA 14th August - Shoreline Amphitheatre - Mountain View, CA 16th Aug

When Faith No More Met Tom Jones

On February 18th 2010 Faith No More performed at the Vector Arena in Auckland, New Zealand. FNM shared the same hotel as welsh crooner Tom Jones, who performed at A Day On The Green on February 21st. Stuff Nz From evoking the spirit of Tom Jones and having a mid-stage nap, to picking up a megaphone and using it to amplify his voice, Patton showed his talent for the bizarre. He also has one of the most versatile voices in rock and that was what the near-capacity Vector audience came to see. Faith No More have been around in one incarnation or another since 1981 and Billy Gould on bass, Roddy Bottum on keyboards and Mike Bordin on drums have been there for the long haul. The 12-year layoff has

Restoring past glory: Mike Patton's pumped about Faith No More touring

This story is not about Mr Bungle. So you have to marvel at the old geezer's timing. As Mike Patton paces his home/studio in San Francisco, answering his phone to talk for the first time in five years about Faith No More, his older band is foremost on his mind. "I'm prepping to leave on tour tomorrow … so I've kind of been in that weird state," he explains. "Complete chaos." The very brief, US-only Bungle reunion is remarkable for a typically perverse reason. "We're only playing our first demo tape. Most of the fans who know Mr Bungle have not even heard this stuff. It's all very much pretty nasty thrash metal stuff. So it's going to be interesting." Preparing to please and baffle his fans a

Faith no more | Kerrang! - February 4th 1995

Faithful Brits rewarded as 'Frisco gods blast back with intimate club tour! Plus, exclusive news on the new FNM LP and axeman! Kerrang | Issue 531 | 04.02.1995 | Steffan Chirazi Thanks a million! Faith No More's fantastic return! FAITH NO MORE are set to announce details of their forthcoming UK tour! And Kerrang! can reveal that the band's first Brit dates since the 1993 Phoenix Festival will be the ultimate in 'Intimate', with nearly all shows to take place at venues with less than 1,000 capacity! They mark the start of a massive, 18-month world tour, and will see the debut shows with the band of new axeman Dean Menta. These gigs will be followed up by Summer festival dates, and - later in

Faith no more | Kerrang! - February 10th 1990

We're worried. Very worried. It's Monday morning, and IRISH JAEGA should've returned from her weekend on-the-road jaunt with FAITH NO MORE. She should be at her desk, diligently sub-editing the latest spectacular instalment of 'The Week In Metal'. But she ain't. She's nowhere to be found. Suddenly, Geoff Barton's telephone rings. FNM guitarist BIG SICK UGLY JIM MARTIN is on the line. "We have stolen your journalist! We have some Bic razors, and we are going to shave every hair from her body unless you give us the front cover" he cries. It's a desperate situation, straight out of the pages of a Robert Louis Stevenson novel. Which is why we've called this heart-rendin' story... Kerrang! | Issu

mc50 | RAC Arena Perth, February 8th 2020

Bill Gould has rejoined Wayne Kramer's MC50 to tour Australia in February The first gig down under supporting Alice Cooper was on Saturday February 8th at the RAC Arena in Perth. The Rockpit Before Alice takes to the stage though let’s not forget the rather fine warm-up acts. Firstly, if like me, you have lived with ‘that’ album all your life but only ever heard of the legend of Wayne Kramer and Detroit’s MC5 then MC50 (should that be MC52 this year?) is a complete revelation! And with members of Soundgarden and Faith No More and Fugazi in tow as well as Marcus Durant fronting this is a musical treat to be savored! Amnplify Around The Sound The night began with a tribute to legends the MC5 a

Mr. Bungle | The Warfield, February 8th 2020

All Techies, Codgers, Millennials and LGBTQs welcome to thrash! No Rambos. I attended the final Mr. Bungle show on September 9th at Rock City in Nottingham twenty years ago. So when it was announced that they would return in 2020 - fate, destiny or a very understanding wife decided I would be at one of these shows. It was my life-long curiosity of San Francisco, the city that gave birth to and nurtured FNM, that determined which show. It is fascinating how fans of Bungle hail from so many different groups - metal-heads, funksters, weirdos from all over the world crowded under the billboard sign outside The Warfield Theatre on Saturday February 8th. And I was amazed how many faces were famili

Composer Danny Elfman Praises Mike Patton

Celebrated composer of film scores Danny Elfman attended the third Mr. Bungle show in Los Angeles on Friday and shared a photo on instagram with some complimentary words on Patton. Mr. Bungle show last night! Really amazing. Mike Patton is insane. (Insanely talented!) I'd love to steal his voice. I know there are others who can sing with the ferocity of an angry grizzly bear seized by the spirit of a psychopathic banshee... and there are others who can also croon with the very best of the crooners and perfectly capture the spirit of 60's Italian pop singers... but seriously, no human can do both. Effortlessly. Not like Patton. I actually think he may not be human. The Melvins also played a s

Faith No More Australia and New Zealand Tour Dates in May 2020

In May FNM will be returning to Australia and New Zealand for their first head-lining tour since 1997 There was uproar after FNM announced they would be playing a second night at Manchester Apollo in June with all proceeds being donated to bush fire charities. Our friends down under were affronted because they wanted the band to play on their soil. We can now reveal that Frontier Touring will be hosting FNM for two dates in New Zealand and five dates in Australia during May 2020. With support from Aussie band RVG. Friday May 8th - Spark Arena, Auckland Sunday May 10th - Horncastle Arena, Christchurch Wednesday May 13th - Entertainment Centre, Brisbane Friday May 15th - Qudos Bank Arena, Sy

Faith No More Released 'Live at the Brixton Academy' 29 Years Ago

On February 4th 1991 Faith No More released the live recording of their 1990 show at Brixton Academy on audio formats Their are a several dates on which to celebrate this show, February 4th 1991 (audio), April 28th 1990 (the date of the actual perfomance) and August 1st 1990 (the release date of the VHS). The audio release featured The Cowboy Song and The Grade, two out takes from The Real Thing, previously only available on the B-side of From Out Of Nowhere 12". Metal Hammer | February 1991 Last year Faith No More were practically a permanent feature on the U.K. live scene. At times it seemed that as soon as the lights went down on one show there wasn't even time to catch a quick pint be

Faith No More First 2020 United States Show Announced

Faith No More will be part of 'One Night Of Galactic Proportion' on May 22nd at the Banc of California Stadium On Friday January 31st FNM shared a cryptic image of an astronaut aimlessly floating in space via their Instagram page with the caption 'Monday...', meanwhile at the same time identical images were posted by several other artists. This post came just a day after Frontier Touring teased that FNM would be returning to Australia and New Zealand for the first time since 2015 with dates to be publicised on Wednesday 5th February. The press jumped on this coordinated social media assault and began to speculate what announcement was imminent. We can reveal that Faith No More, System Of A