For the recent issue of Revolver Magazine, comedian Eric Andre interviewed Mike Patton. Watch them as they discuss Bungle's reunion and new/old album The Raging Wrath of the Easter Bunny Demo, while also delving into gory injuries, the inspirational power of boredom, challenging band dynamics, Jaco Pastorius, John Waters, Scott Ian's beard, Color Me Badd's "I Wanna Sex You Up" and more.

Faith No More | Helsinki Ice Hall, Finland - 28th October 1992

Twenty seven years ago Faith No More began their headlining European tour on Angel Dust. The first stop was in Helsinki, Finland. NME | November 1992 Gina Morris THE NORDIC winter has frozen The Gulf Of Finland. There's a blizzard raging, two feet of snow on the ground, it's minus four degrees and tonight's mammoth gig is to be held inside Helsinki Ice Stadium. Hell, It's too cold to live let alone rock. "Ladies and gentlemen," screams guitarist Suzie Gardener, "The soft white beer belly of rock'n'roll - L Fucking 7!" Well if anyone's gonna break the ice it's the band. L7 give better than they get, but the kids don't get it at all. There's 9,000 shivering punters in here, 7,500 of which hav

Faith No More's 'I Started A Joke' Was Released As A Single 22 Years Ago

Faith No More's version of the Bee Gees song I Started A Joke was released on October 26th 1998. The song first appeared on the B-side of the limited edition single release of Digging The Grave in 1995 and on a bonus CD available with the Australian version of King For A Day Fool For A Lifetime also in 1995. It was recorded along with three more cover versions of other songs in Bill Gould's home studio and produced by Gould and Dean Menta. These songs were the only studio recordings to feature Menta on guitar. I Started A Joke was released by the record company as a single in 1998 from the greatest hits album Who Cares A Lot? released on November 24th, the year FNM split. Most recently the s

The Faith No More & Boo-Yaa T.R.I.B.E Single 'Another Body Murdered' Was Released 27 Years Ago

The Faith No More and  Boo-Yaa T.R.I.B.E collaboration single Another Body Murdered was released as the first single from the soundtrack of the film Judgment Night on October 25th 1993. The song was the first time FNM would collaborate with another artist in the studio. It was the first FNM song to not feature Jim Martin even though at this time he was still a member of the band, the guitars were recorded by Bill Gould. This song gave fans a glimpse of FNM without Martin's signature guitar riffs and the sound they would use on King For A Day..... "We didn’t know the Boo-Yaa guys before we did the collaboration…in fact, we met at the studio. They were all great musicians in their own right,

Faith No More Released The Single 'Sunny Side Up' 5 Years ago!

On October 20th 2015 Faith No More released their first video in 17 years for the song Sunny Side Up. Sunny Side up was the third single released from Faith No More's Sol Invictus. The song only saw a promo CD release but the band produced a video which Rolling Stone described thus, "Faith No More prove sex, drugs and rock and roll are for the geriatrics as much as the kid". It was was their video first in 17 years, the last being for Stripsearch in 1998 - Warner Bros posthumously released the music video for I started A Joke in 1998 without any band involvement. The video was directed by Joe Lynch who would go on to direct the acclaimed horror movie Mayhem starring Steven Yeun in 2017. On t

Faith No More | Cow Palace, San Francisco - October 20th 1990

Kerrang Issue 314 | November 3rd 1990 Steffan Chirazi WHEN THE dust settles at the end this year and Faith No More embark upon the writing of their next album, we will all remember the glaring fact, and for it I refer to my good friend Frank Sinatra: they did it their way. I look at the most original band in the world during their 40-minute support slot roasting of Billy Idol (sound on a limiter, lights at a minimum, stage-space designed to cramp your style) and realise that nothing could've stopped them from making it. They are too individual. Too stylish. Too one-off. And tonight I'm seeing the final piece of the FNM jigsaw fall into place: their ability to make an arena as personable as a

Members Of Anthrax, Korn, Mastodon, Refused, Run DMC and more cover 'We Care A Lot'

Members of the music community have got together to record a version of We Care A Lot in collaboration with the Roadies Relief effort to raise awareness to all the out of work people in the touring industry. The project was coordinated by Slaves On Dope frontman Jason Rockman and guitarist Kevin Jardine, who have cited FNM as major influence. Among the list of musicians appearing are Dennis Lyxen of Refused and Frank Bello of Anthrax, plus a cameo from Bill Gould himself! You can watch the video on Tuesday October 20th at 12pm EST / 4pm GMT. Full list of performers below. Bill Kelliher ( Mastodon) - Guitar Kevin Jardine ( Slaves on Dope) -Guitar Frank Bello ( Anthrax) - Bass Ivan Doruschuk (

Faith No More Pay Tribute To Bob Biggs

Bob Biggs, the founder of Slash Records, has died after a long illness. He was 74. Slash grew out of the a punk fanzine of the same name. Biggs who was a painter living next door to the magazine's office began his career by funding The Germs' Lexicon Devil single and subsequently the band's debut album. Slash signed bands such as; X, Fear, Los Lobos, Dream Syndicate The Blasters, Violent Femmes, Misfits, The Chills, L7 and of course Faith No More. Bob ran Slash, which by the mid-'80s was distributed by Warner Brothers in the U.S. and London Records in the UK, until its dissolution in 1996. Biggs took little persuasion from his A&R team to sign Faith No More to his label in 1986. "We tend t

Billy Gould mixed The New COMO ASESINAR A FELIPES Album 'MMXX'

The Chilean hip hop experimental jazz outfit have released their eight record via Bill's Koolarrow Records. The Faith No More bassist takes to the mixing desk for the fifth time, their last album together Naturaleza Muerta released in 2019 won two Pulsar awards for best urban music artist and album of the year. Bill told Latercera “I had been talking to the band before hearing any of the music, and they explained that they were heading towards more electronic instrumentation, but that the music was good. I totally agreed with the concept, but was curious what it meant (...) It was different, but not drastically, because the band's vibe was still completely intact and I could still feel that

Hifiklub Featuring Roddy Bottum Release 'Things That Were Lost in the Fire'

French trio Hifiklub and Roddy Bottum's spoken word album Things That Were Lost in the Fire is out now. Bassist and vocalist Régis Laugier talks about working with the FNM keyboardist “Who would have believed it? Only enthusiastic excited by the unknown. An exhibition in New-York where Hifiklub meets by chance Roddy Bottum. By chance, you said? A few months later, a French adventure for Roddy and a lot of fun for us all. That’s what we learned with Hifiklub, after 150 collaborations and 15 albums, everything’s possible, even a full record of spoken words created by musicians who originally hardly know each other! We love insanity.” Get your copy now USA, Europe.

Mr. Bungle 'Disco Volante' 25 years - Trevor Dunn Interview

On the 25th anniversary of Disco Volante, Trevor Dunn talks to us about Mr. Bungle's second album. After we celebrated the 25th anniversary of their debut album with exclusive interviews from members of the band we followed up our conversation with Trevor with a discussion about the second record Disco Volante. Mr. Bungle's approach to writing music radically changed from the debut record to Disco Volante. Why was this? This album seemed to be driven more by individuals than a team effort. Was this because you now all had more projects on the go? I’m not sure I’d say our approach was different.  It’s true that instead of hanging out on campus where we were all going to school, by the early ‘

Mr. Bungle Virtual Halloween Live Show

The new Mr. Bungle line-up will be performing a virtual show on Halloween night. The Night They Came Home with feature Patton, Dunn, Spruance, Lombardo and Ian as they take to the stage for the first time since their US Raging Wrath Of The Easter Bunny tour in February. This one off show will be on October 31st at 12pm PDT, 3pm EDT, 7pm GMT - then available on demand for 72 hours after. TICKETS & EXCLUSIVE BUNDLES ON-SALE NOW FOR THE OCTOBER 31ST EVENT! An array of exclusive, commemorative merchandise, including a limited (1000 copies press) neon green vinyl variant, will be available to ticket holders. Rated R for violence, gore, blasphemy, witchcraft, nerds, bunny nudity

Faith No More | BAM Magazine - October 5th 1990

How Five Quite Distinct Individuals Add Up To One Of The Breakthrough Bands Of The Year. Bay Area Music Magazine | 05.10.1990 The Epic Adventures Of Faith No More By Steffan Chirazi Listening closely it almost seems like the high-pitched screams and squeals aimed by the crowd at New Jersey's Meadowlands arena at Faith No More are counting off "One million, two million, three million, four million" in fanatical unison. This uncompromising Bay Area quintet has actually reached the big top, becoming the latest, greatest occupants of the pop celebrity circus and bedroom wall. Whether it's Penn Gillette of the comic/magic team of Penn and Teller congratulating them and roaring, "Fuck the fish, I