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Jon David Hudson was born on April 13th 1968 in San Francisco. Jon was in Oakland-based new wave band Systems Collapse during the early 90's with Humberto Ribeiro (Bass), Cid Travaglia (Drums) and Will Carpmill (synth). Carpmill's sister Olga Gerrard was at one time Faith No More's manager and it was through Carpmill that Jon first met FNM in 1989. 

In 1993 Bill Gould produced a Systems Collapse demo. A year later Bill sent Jon the King For A Day Fool For A Lifetime demos and Jon recorded some ideas. The band of course opted to work with Trey Spruance

Jon landed a job as head guitar tech for Monster Magnet through Olga Gerrard who was their tour manager at the time. 

However in 1996 when FNM were again in need of a guitarist, Bill approached Jon for a second time. There was no audition and Jon started to work with Bill straight away. Jon contributed a lot of ideas that made it onto Album Of The Year, including Stripsearch and Ashes To Ashes

During FNM's 11 year hiatus Jon began working in property management, which he retired from when he got the call to return to FNM in 2008.

Photo © Jimmy Hubbard


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