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10 Things To Hope For From The Faith No More Tour

Faith No More are preparing to embark on their first full tour since 2015 and we are contemplating what to expect during the upcoming shows.

It's been five years since FNM were on the stage. In 2016 we marveled at the long awaited return of the late and great Chuck Mosley (we miss you dude) fronting FNM's throwback shows to the We Care A Lot era. It's six years since FNM performed with Mike Patton at the helm, in fact in September 2015 the band were deep into their Sol Invictus tour gracing the Riot Fest stage to tens of thousands of grateful followers.

In the interim members of the band have sweated it out on tours around the world - Bill Gould with MC50, Roddy Bottum with Imperial Teen, Crickets and Nastie Band, and Patton with Dead Cross, Mondo Cane and the astounding return of Mr. Bungle. Only Mike Bordin and Jon Hudson have sadly remained absent from our eyes and ears.

But of course FNM will be back in this month for their most anticipated return since 2009 after this ridiculous pandemic has shunted their promised gigs on and further on. The band will so far perform thirty eight shows, in fourteen different countries, with promises of more dates to come...

Now we are allowed to genuinely hope and look forward to these days and nights of aural satisfaction (bye virus) it is time for fans to begin joyful speculation of the finer details. The set lists, the stage dressing, the merchandise - fuck yeah excitement is beginning rise!

We have been keeping an eye on our socials and compiled a wish list of ten things to hope for and discuss from the next Faith No More Tour.

10. Cover Stories

During the Sol Invictus tour our five favourite faces were on the cover of magazines from the Czech Republic to Chile. Whether they were cradling kittens or holding Patton's head is in a jar it's always pleasing to see the band staring back at you from news stands. We hope that this tour conjures up the same fervour shown by the press in 2015 and we can again part ways with cash for glossy magazines.

9. Tour Talk

Since their return FNM have been pretty generous with their shares on social media. The image of Patton's megaphone sat alone centre stage at Brixton will be etched in our minds forever, and Bill outside the Queen Vic was adorable. In 2015 Roddy hosted his own prime time talk show, Tour Talk. He presented several episodes which gave us a unique glimpse behind the scenes, plus fascinating interviews with band members and road crew. Let's hope that Tour Talk is recommissioned for another season.

8. Interviews

It's been hard to pin down any member of FNM for an interview about the band recently. Patton is happy to talk about food, Mr. Bungle and Eureka. Bill loves a podcast chat about Yebiga and Roddy will gladly regale us with romantic tales of newfound lock down love. In fact it's never been easy to get FNM to talk straight, however six years ago the press couldn't shut the band up! Even quiet-man Jon had his turn in reminiscing about the recording of Sol Invictus. More interviews with more back stories please.

7. Cover Songs

Throughout the years FNM have added many covers and ad-libs to their set, going all the way back to 1987 when Chuck sang Terence Trent D'Arby's Sign Your Name. When it comes to covers no one does them better than FNM, mostly they are more exciting than the original. Also no one picks the most surprising covers - witnessing forty thousand metal-heads at Download sing Reunited was spectacular.

Hopefully we will be treated to some more eccentric choices thrown into the mix on the next tour.

6. Stage Dressing

2009 gave us red velvet curtains and cheap pastel coloured suits, 2014 clergymen, 2015 saw Persil clean whites and a forest of flowers. Since the nineties FNM have never failed to put on a dramatic and well dressed stage show, but what will they dazzle us with next?

5. Deep Cuts

Let us move the conversation to set lists. It goes without saying that the band will drop some of all time favourite classics into their set. We Care A Lot has been in the set about 459 times over the years and has been played on every tour. Easy, Midlife Crisis and Epic are not far behind.

It would be amazing to hear rarely or never played deep cuts on this tour - The Cowboy Song, Absolute Zero or maybe Faster Disco.

4. Anniversary Celebrations

2022 is a huge year for nostalgia. FNM's most revered album Angel Dust will celebrate it's 30th anniversary, their fifth record Album of the Year will be 25 years old, and their second record Introduce Yourself will be 35 years old.

Similarly to 2011 when Chile was treated to a full King For A Day play through, could we hope for a full recital of one or more of these albums.

After the band paid homage to their debut album We Care A lot in 2016 we know that they have embraced the importance of their musical legacy and are not adverse to being nostalgic.

3. Merchandise

Not everyone is as enthusiastic about t-shirts as the admin at FNM Followers, but we cannot wait for new designs. New hats, scarfs, posters... It is time to imagine yourself strutting down the street in a shirt proudly emblazoned with Mount Aoraki.

2. Surprise Guests

Before the millennium FNM had rarely been joined onstage by anyone - Sparks made an appearance in 97 and maybe we should forget Slash and Duff McKagan, James Hetfield, Ozzy Osbourne and Young MC in 1990. However since the reunion the band have welcomed guests to perform among the band. Chuck returned as did Sparks, Trey Spruance and Dean Menta jammed with the band as did Rahzel. Some will be hoping for a Bill & Ted style Jim Martin cameo, but you are more likely to get Duff!

We will definitely be counting on Danny Devito taking photos of his feet in the wings.

1. New Music

At Hyde Park on July 4th 2014 FNM blasted through a magnificent set of some of their most revered songs. Just when the crowd believed it to be over the band launched into an unfamiliar song and immediately the fans longing for new music was ignited.

FNM played Superhero and Motherfucker for the first time without mentioning that their first album in eighteen years was in the works. Will the band casually drop in a new song or two? Will this be our first hint at another guarded secret album?

This is without a doubt number one on our wish list.

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