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Bill Gould Is the New Mayor Of A City in Serbia

Bill is currently in the Balkans checking up on Yebiga production and promoting Talking Book's latest recording, which is the accompanying soundtrack to the film The Eclipse by Serbian director Nataša Urban.

Not only has Bill treaded the red carpet at the Sarajevo Film Festival, but he has now been given the keys to city of Zaječar. At the opening of the 55th Gitarijada Festival, on Wednesday August 24th, the mayor of Zaječar, Boško Ničić, handed Bill the keys to the city. This means that Bill will help decide on musical issues related to the festival.

Bill commented, “I think that contemporary music is boring and we need new music, and young people will bring it. I strongly support this festival."

In receiving the keys to the city Bill is also officially co-mayor of Zaječar, for a few days, and announced that as head of state, he would be establish some rules.

“New, strict rules for Ustanović. The first thing I’m going to make sure is that everyone wears underwear over their clothes. Everyone! And the police will check it and whoever doesn’t respect it – will go to jail."

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