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Bill Gould Talks With Far Beyond Metal Podcast

Updated: Mar 23

The Faith No More bassist talks with host Daniel Cordova about Talking Book II, and life in San Francisco during covid-19

Photo Ross Halfin

"San Francisco is an interesting place, coz you can get what you need here but there's space too. I'm comfortable where we are."

Bill discusses how he met Jared Blum, the genesis of Talking Book and how the second album developed. "With this kind of music it can't be over produced. It's a little like cooking and we just didn't feel like it was there. It took at least 5 years."

"On the cover there's this castle ruin... it was a really a story about a civilisation that's been destroyed. Ironically enough we kind of got into a 70s movie about a plague."

The two chat about the possibility of Bill writing his own book, "I'm not writing one... I've seen a lot of things people don't know, and one of these days it would be good to let people know!"

And finally Daniel asks Bill about The Cowboy Song, and his influences.

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