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Listen To '1983' The New Single From Roddy Bottum's Man On Man

Roddy's project with partner Joey Holman has released a new single and revealed details of a their upcoming album.

The self-titled album will be released via Polyvinyl Records in the US and Big Scary Monsters in the UK/EU on May 7th.

It’s been almost a year since quarantine started and we shared DADDY. Thanks in part to the encouragement from you all, we continued writing and finished a collection of eleven songs about life and love and surviving a pandemic. To be able to share these with you all is a dream come true.

Watch the new video for 1983.

Track List :

1. Stohner

2. Daddy

3. It’s So Fun (To Be Gay)

4. Beach House

5. 1983

6. Baby, You’re My Everything

7.Two at a Time


9.Please Be Friends


11.It Floated

Pre-order HERE.

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