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Metal Forces | July 1990

A Look At Faith No More's The Real Thing.

Nick Fowler and Mike Greenblatt

If you haven't already seen their videos on MTV, you've probably heard the big buzz that's going on about this next big thing. San Francisco's FNM almost broke big with their rappish tune "We Care A Lot," but it wasn't until they picked up new front man Mike Patton that they broke through the stratosphere with major record sales and sold-out concerts. This is one highly diverse band!!

The Real Thing combines thrash, ballads, punk, funk, metal nd rap into a overwhelming

musical treat. "From Out Of Nowhere," the first video and single, is a delightful, upbeat rock number, full of the pulsing keyboards of Roddy Bottum.

Other fast-pacers include the rap song "Epic,"

a gripping song that highlights Jim "Big, Sick, Ugly" Martin's tasty axe licks and drummer Mike Bordin's timeless drumming.

"Falling To Pieces," the third single and video, is the album's gem, encompassing a myriad of moods, while "Surprise! You're Dead," "The Real Thing" and “Zombie Eaters" not only show off their ability to get heavy, but also the fierce bass slaps of cherubic Billy Gould and the manic mind of frontman/zombie lover Patton.

Check out the menacing version of Black Sabbath's classic "War Pigs" and the deliciously perverse “Edge of the World." There's more to this album than meets the ear!

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