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New Roddy Bottum Music Coming Soon

Faith No More should be on tour right now in Australia and New Zealand but covid-19 has forced them to postpone dates.

Roddy Bottum however is making the most of his time in quarantine and has been busy recording new material with New York musician Joey Holman. The two will be releasing music this week under the moniker Man On Man. "My boyfriend and I drove a truck from NYC to California at the onset of the virus. We wrote and recorded a collection of songs in Oxnard about love and isolation and we're sharing the first one this week. We're calling us MAN ON MAN." - Roddy Instagram "Over the last month, my boyfriend and I have been making music while in quarantine. We're calling the project MAN ON MAN (M.O.M. for short) and the first single will be available this week, with a video to follow soon after. This is the first music project I've been tied to since I played in a Christian band over a decade ago. Being in that band was an experience that taught be so much,but ultimately forced me to hide who I truly was. MAN ON MAN is born from a place of freedom. MAN ON MAN is subjective - it's my gayness, but it could be your queerness, your trans-ness, your blackness, your butchness, your feminism, your non-binary, your fat rolls, your stutter, your freckles, your upbringing... It's the thing that made us feel trapped because the world didn't approve, so we hid it as much as we could. And then one day, we realized the thing we were ashamed of was really our superpower and it was the key to set us free into self love and acceptance." - Joey Holman Instagram

As well as this project Roddy has more music on the way, his electro project Crickets with producer and songwriter JD Samson (MEN, Le Tigre) and Michael O'Neill (MEN) is due to release their first album via Muddguts Records anytime soon.

Also Hifklub featuring Roddy will release their album Things That Were Lost In The Fire in June.

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