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Podcast Croissant - 'Angel Dust Series'

The Faith No More podcast begins a series of Angel Dust episodes.

"Queasily inflamed, schizoid and shocking..."

"Profoundly putrid and shocking..."

Two phrases used by Faith No More to promote their ground-breaking album Angel Dust. To be fair you could also use these phrases to describe the Faith No More podcast Podcast Croissant.

Mike Hayes from down under and our very own Jim Brown from the sunny North of England have been analysing the band’s catalogue over the last two years with a little help from Adrian Harte ( author of Small Victories : The True Story of Faith No More ), Doug Esper ( author of Reintroducing Chuck Mosley : Life On and Off The Road ), members of the band and the listeners.

The hosts, who mix musical dissection and facts with comical banter, have now begun their much anticipated discussion of Angel Dust.

Mike and Jim will break the album down and dedicate an episode to each song - whilst also talking about the history of the band’s fourth record.

You can listen to Episode 22 which concentrates on the first track Land Of Sunshine now.

If you have any thoughts or stories about the next song Caffeine or Angel Dust as a whole please send them to

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