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''I don't know what a Faith No More fan is, what he looks like, what he eats. No idea. But we're known for our extremities, so there must be all sorts of crazy people. All sorts of weird people must listen to our band'' 
- Mike Patton 1997.


Faith No More Followers was created in 2014 as a non-profit hub for all things Faith No More related, reporting news and chronicling past events with accuracy.


We are presently a fan community website and music journal dedicated to the music of Mike Patton, Billy Gould, Mike Bordin, Roddy Bottum and Jon Hudson.

The team includes members from Europe, Australia, South America, Mexico and the USA, all who have been active participators in the online fan community since the 90s.

Our page has official support from members of FNM, Ipecac Recordings, Mr. Bungle and various other related projects. We have approval from FNM management to share media for entertainment purposes. These connections enable us to provide inside information to our followers including some detailed interviews.

The other fan sites we are affiliated with are Faith No More 2.0, Faith. No ManPodcast Croissant, Faith No More Gig Database and

Patton Mad. However, we support all FNM related fan communities.

We aim to seek permission and correctly attribute copyright credits wherever possible. If you feel we have not, please contact us.

Please share any content from our website and social media but as a courtesy include a source reference. This helps us continue to reach more fans of FNM.

All design work is created by Faith No More Followers.

We do not tolerate abuse or spam and reserve the rights to remove and block offenders.

We are open to any questions concerning our content and suggestions on how to improve our service.


We will not pass on any messages to members of the bands we support.

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All edited content ℗ Faith No More Followers 2024

All music / media  © Faith No More 2024 © Warner Bros © Slash Records

Photos © Jimmy  Hubbard

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