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EXCLUSIVE | Umlaut Announce 'Every Time' Single

Updated: Mar 23

The newest single from the Australian project is coming out June 5th. Available for pre-orders now.

Photo Bailey Judd

Umlaut is the project of multi-instrumentalist extraordinaire, Clinton 'Bär' McKinnon. After spending years on the road as the jack-of-all-trades member of Mr. Bungle, Bär settled in Melbourne in the early 2000s and has been releasing work as Umlaut ever since. The current lineup of Umlaut includes long time bassist Shane Lieber (An Easier Question) and musical wunderkind Angus Leslie (Sex on Toast). As well as the legendary drummer and ex-Bungle band mate Danny Heifetz.

‘A dream came true!’ – says Bär, who’d musically reconnected with the old colleague for the first time since the release of California: ‘Danny is a really good musician and delight to behold.’

Umlaut are releasing their latest single Every Time on June 5th.

'... a shapeshifting rock track that is melodically luscious and deeply satisfying. With a chorus that doesn’t quit, Every Time is an eccentric rock anthem that is impossible to forget'.

'Every Time borrows from classic ‘70s rock but is complemented by Umlaut’s trademark harmonic complexity. A reflection of a recollection, the track’s Thin Lizzy-esque sound tells a colorful, sonic story.'

“I was losing my mind, frantically composing music for a TV show” – explains McKinnon: “And all of a sudden, as if borne of angels this simple figure appeared with a bit of fun, yeah? A wee pull-over from the day-to-day TV music grind. A detour-mantra to reset my rattled psychology. Put a goofy voice memo on the phone then built it out with a few more sections.”

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