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Faith No More Battle Of The Songs - Round One Results!

Updated: Jun 20, 2020

Ten days ago we asked you to vote for your favourite FNM song in our league table.

We started with 32 songs which were picked according to played and shared statistics from Spotify. This obviously included some big hitters, however - much to some followers' grievance - we missed out many classics and favourites.

This only goes to prove that FNM write countless great tracks and this kind of competition is in fact futile.......doh!

Due to covid-19, for a bit of fun and to alleviate a little boredom we did it anyway.

Here are the results for ROUND ONE.

Anne's Song 21% VS Last Cup Of Sorrow 79%

1987 classic from Introduce Yourself confidently knocked out by the second single from 1997's Album Of The Year.

Sunny Side Up 15% VS Ricochet 85%

Landslide victory by the second single from 1995's King For A Day over the fun track from 2015's Sol Invictus.

Zombie Eaters 37% VS Everything's Ruined 63%

This was admittedly a tough decision to make! However 89's The Real Thing track missed out to 92's Angel Dust song with the awesome cheapskate video.

Chinese Arithmetic 17% VS The Gentle Art Of Making Enemies 83%

So we added the brilliant 1995 track GAOME after public outcry and it rather unexpectedly knocked out one of the greatest Chuck Mosley era songs with ease. [angry face].

Separation Anxiety 19% VS Ashes To Ashes 81%

No surprise that the much adored 97 single KO'd 2015's Separation Anxiety, but by such a huge margin?! WTF!

Stripsearch 44% VS Evidence 56%

This was a close one, neck and neck until the bitter end! However the King For A Day smooth single release beat possibly the best track from Album Of The Year.

Pills For Breakfast 5% VS King For A Day 95%

Yeah... this was a terrible match. Even though 1985's PFB is an outstanding song - KFAD is truly one of FNM's greatest.

Cone Of Shame 8% VS Midlife Crisis 92%

We had to put favourite to win MC up against something! And we thought that one of the strongest Sol Invictus tracks might perform better in the odds. Apparently not...

Epic 60% VS Just A Man 40%

Another close contest but here it would seem that nostalgia wins over musical prowess.

Jizzlobber 44% VS We Care A Lot 56%

A twisted Martin/Patton masterpiece versus heavyweight FNM royalty. Editor's note - Jizzlobber should have won!

Helpless 64% VS The Crab Song 36%

Not much in this, but come on... 1997's Helpless is a solid track but 1987's TCS is on another level! Were there too many Patton worshippers voting on this match?

Mark Bowen 26% VS Matador 74%

Another early track beaten by the latest FNM music. As much as the track from debut album We Care A Lot is particularly great, Matador is quite possibly the best song from Sol Invictus.

Digging The Grave 47% VS From Out Of Nowhere 53%

Two revered powerhouse FNM classic singles head to head. This was the closest battle of round one. Coincidentally the leader changed when votes from the Americas were placed.

A Small Victory 81% VS As The Worm Turns 19%

This is bullshit! As much as ASV, and every track, on Angel Dust is perfection - to beat such as classic by so much! Pft.

Caffeine 80% VS Superhero 20%

A titan versus a titan... Unfortunately one song had to lose.

Faster Disco 6% VS The Real Thing 94%

1989's album title track TRT is a clear favourite to win the whole tournament, however it's worth mentioning that Introduce Yourself's opener is a killer track.

You can vote each day for your favourite tracks on our Facebook page.

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