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Faith No More | Bicentenário de la Florida, Chile - December 5th 2010

In December 2010 Faith No More returned to their adopted home of Chile for two performances.

On the 4th FNM played two songs at Teletón in Santiago. Mike Patton was greeted by Don Francisco, who asked him about their special relationship with Chile. "It 's a special, very important country for us," he replied goodbye to Kreutzberger with a "Thank you , Don Corleone."

On the 5th FNM returned to Bicentenário de la Florida, supported by Primus, for what was promoted as the last show of the Second Coming Tour.

Faith No More in Chile: the final goodbye

In Chile, Mike Patton and company have a legion of loyal fans who, after the band's visit in 2009, began to dream that Faith No More would return to Santiago to close their reunion tour here. On Sunday night the wish was fulfilled, when the group appeared at the Bicentenário de la Florida, in front of 20 thousand people who showed total devotion.

The special relationship that the band has with Chile began with their performances at the Viña del Mar Festival at the beginning of the '90s, and it became stronger every time they stepped on Chilean soil, so much so that Faith No More decided to say a last goodbye in this country.

After 50 minutes of waiting, and as night fell completely over the capital, Faith No More finally appeared. Dressed in white suits and cheered by the 20 thousand souls who packed the stadium, they started off with the power of “Epic”, where the audience chanted the final part of the piano, which was followed by a non-stop triplet from the album Angel Dust (1992): "Everything's Ruined", "Be Aggressive" and "Caffeine", so that the applause did not stop.

"Ben", the first cover of the night, by the Jackson Five, lowers the adrenaline, and Patton goes down to the front row to say hello, where the unfortunate habit of spitting is present, but which Patton seems to enjoy.

“The Gentle Art of Making Enemies” from King for a Day (1995), returns strength, especially on Jon Hudson's guitar and Mike Bordin's drums. After “Cuckoo for Caca” comes “Evidence”, sung entirely in Spanish, as is customary on every Faith No More visit to Chile. "Midlife Crisis" is chanted at the top of their lungs by the crowd, who follow it after the break in it's middle section. Thank you very much Chile! Expresses a happy Patton on behalf of his teammates, who enjoy the response from the audience.

Patton jokes again with the nickname given to Don Francisco the night before at the Telethon , while he sings “Spirit” wearing a mask, this time he sings in full “Qué He Sacado con Quererte” By Violeta Parra, in an impeccable performance in memory of the great singer-songwriter of national folklore.

"Ashes to Ashes" and "Just a Man" close the first part, to return between chants from the public that would not let them go, then "Zombie Eaters", "Surprise you're dead" and the catchy "We care a Lot ”. Not being that enough, they return 2 more times! The first with “Easy”, cover by The Commodores, plus “Digging the Grave”, and in the third encore with “Kiss and Say Goodbye” by The Manhattans, the perfect song for the occasion and to finally say goodbye to the stage in front of the audience with which they definitely have a special connection.

Patton approaches the front rows again to jump in and unleash a standing ovation. Really a finishing touch.

Round performance, by one of the most important rock sound bands of the '90s. Patton and company leave deeply grateful, as a canvas reading "Happy ending, fuckers" unfolds in the left gallery. A happy ending with the Chilean public as the protagonist. Goodbye, Faith No More.


Everything's Ruined

Be Aggressive


Ben (Michael Jackson)

The Gentle Art of Making Enemies

Last Cup of Sorrow


Cuckoo for Caca


As The Worm Turns

Midlife Crisis


King for a Day

Qué He Sacado con Quererte (Violeta Parra)

Ashes to Ashes

Just a Man

Zombie Eaters

Surprise! You're Dead!

We Care a Lot

Easy (Commodores)

Digging The Grave

Kiss and Say Goodbye (The Manhattans)

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