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Faith No More | The Fillmore, Detroit - May 8th 2015

Updated: Mar 16

Faith No More's North American tour in support of Sol Invictus was five years ago. FNM began their Sol Invictus tour in Japan and Australia, they returned to the USA for the first time since October 1997 in April 2015. The eleventh date was on Friday May 8th at The Fillmore in Detroit.

National Rock Review | Faith No More at The Fillmore Detroit, MI on 08-May-2015

As fans reached the area surrounding the Fillmore Detroit, it was obvious who was in town and the venue they were playing at. Hundreds of Faith No More and Mr. Bungle t-shirts, jackets and even a handmade sign that read “I love you Mike” painted a clear picture as to the general direction to the show. Upon entering the Fillmore Detroit, the lobby was filled with many concert attendees picking up a wide variety of FNM merchandise including a signed limited edition piece of concert artwork. Having the opportunity to pick up new FNM memorabilia was priceless. Supporting FNM tonight was an incredible trio named Le Butcherettes. The group consists of vocalist commonly known by her stage name of Teri Gender Bender, Jamie Aaron Aux on bass, and playing drums was Chris Common. This group of seasoned musicians were a perfect fit for the FNM show. Le Butcherettes set began with Teri dressed in red wearing a scarf around her head playing the nights into song on the keyboard. Having a sound in the “PJ Harvey” and “Yeah Yeah Yeahs” wheelhouse, LB had elements that proved to be very dynamic and passionate. Midway through LB’s set both the dynamics and overall energy level had elevated to a point where all in attendance eagerly waited for what was about to happen. Ditching her shoes, scarf, and keyboard, Teri leaned over and picked up a guitar. From this point forward the band took things up a notch. With a full on garage punk themed style, LB entertained the audience with chunky guitar riffs and passionate heartfelt vocals. Rock solid drumming and nicely placed bass lines made the remainder of LB’s set loud and proud. This band is definitely a group to check out live. After a short intermission, the lights in Fillmore Detroit began to dim and all in attendance made their way to a spot in the venue in which to experience a moment with a sold-out crowd. Gradually the stage began to glow an eerie red and the keyboard line to FNM’s opening song “Motherfucker” came on. The night had begun and all in attendance were ready to rock! The stage and most everything on it was draped in white cloths and nicely placed flowers laced the front of the stage. The production was cleverly designed and as it definitely set the mood for the night. The set included “From Out Of Nowhere”, “Caffeine”, “Sunny Side Up” and “Epic” among many other hits throughout the night. When the FNM guys played the infamous Commodores classic “Easy” the crowded joined in with a full house vocal ensemble backup section. “Superhero” closed the set to a packed house of fans screaming for more. After a few minutes had past FNM returned to the stage for a well-received encore. They rocked out with a track from the upcoming album Sol Invictus and played a great version of Burt Bacharach “This Guy’s in Love With You.” While standing on the main floor by the entrance to the photo pit, this photographer overheard a brief conversation that proved to be an incredible addition to an already fantastic evening. A gentlemen said to a lady friend next to him, “This is great! So, whatcha think? The lady friend replied, “Oh! You’ll be great! I can walk with you if ya like.” I slowly turned and watched the two of them step aside, open a door to a hallway that leads to the stage and wallah… Chuck Mosley! Yes, Chuck Mosley was in the house. Chuck and the band played “Mark Bowen” and the place went nuts. What a treat that was. FNM closed the night with the energy packed song “From the Dead.” On behalf of everyone in attendance at this sold out show… Thank You. Thank You for choosing Detroit to share your music with.

The Fillmore was sold out and the crowd was giddy with excitement as they waited for Faith No More to take the stage in Detroit for the first time since 1997. The band is on a proper tour in the United States in support of their upcoming album “Sol Invictus,” which is set for release on May 19. The experimental alternative metal band reunited in 2009 for a multi-year European tour, but decided to forgo the US until now. The show opened with pulsing red lights and slow, steady piano chords; an extended opening for their first single from “Sol Invictus,” “Motherfucker”. The entire band was garbed in white linen, resembling a religious cult, with charismatic leader Mike Patton dominating the white cloth and flower-covered stage. Patton’s voice and stage presence command attention. His vocal range is nearly unparalleled in rock music and he knows how to engage the local crowd chanting "Deeeeetrooooiiiit Baaassketttbaaaallll" early in the show. A running joke throughout the show came from the fact that Hall & Oates were playing at the same time next door. Patton kept asking why the crowd wasn’t there instead and saying he would rather be there if he had the choice. The band even went as far as singing a “Rich Girl” interlude during “Midlife Crisis.” Other covers included “Easy” by the Commodores, where Patton shouted “you feeling tough? You feeling tough now?” at the crowd afterward, and a song listed as “Joke” on the setlist that turned out to be Burt Bacharach’s “This Guy’s in Love with You” during the encore. The crowd also enjoyed some classic Faith No More songs including “Epic,” “From Out of Nowhere,” and “Ashes to Ashes,” as well as new songs like “Sol Invictus” and “Superhero.” The final song of the encore had special guest Chuck Mosely, the band’s original frontman, take over the mic to sing “Mark Bowen.” The crowd was excited to see him back on stage, though his vocals left a lot to be desired, especially after hearing Patton all night. After coming back out for a second encore and playing “From the Dead” from their upcoming album, Patton thanked opening act Le Butcherettes, Chuck Mosley, and of course, Hall and Oates! This was a great show and did not disappoint at all, even after 18 years.

Motherfucker From Out of Nowhere Caffeine Evidence Epic Sunny Side Up Surprise! You're Dead! Midlife Crisis [ Hall and Oates, "Rich Girl" ] Everything's Ruined The Gentle Art Of Making Enemies Easy [ Commodores ] Spirit King for a Day Ashes to Ashes Superhero Sol Invictus This Guy's in Love With You [ Burt Bacharach ] Mark Bowen [ with Chuck Mosley ] From the Dead

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