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Happy Devil's Night! - Mr. Bungle 'Raging Wrath of the Easter Bunny Demo' Is Released Today

Mr. Bungle have released their much anticipated fourth studio recording today and will perform the music tomorrow in their Halloween show.

The updated version of Raging Wrath of the Easter Bunny recorded by Patton, Dunn, Spruance, Lombardo and Ian is out now. It has received only positive feedback from the press check out the reviews below.

The joy and enthusiasm of the reunion tour is captured here and the results are immensely entertaining. If you like thrash, then the Raging Wrath of the Easter Bunny Demo is mandatory listening.

Like everything Mr. Bungle have done, this return to first principles regularly slamdances over the line between stupidity and genius. The timeless appeal of crossover thrash is absolutely nailed, but you’re never far from an entertaining blast of utter foolishness.

As brilliantly off-beam as ever but crushing like never before, Mr. Bungle have turned a noble but nostalgic exercise into one of 2020’s most exhilarating metal records. Heroes.

To pigeonhole it as thrash is reductive, as the band’s maniacal attack blurs into skate punk and hardcore. As you’d expect from their collective pedigree, it sounds completely authentic. What’s more, the crisp, contemporary production is a revelation with the finer details bursting out at every moment.

Opting to re-record a largely unknown demo is a fitting way to bring closure to Mr. Bungle's catalogue. Further, the inclusion of previously unheard songs makes this feel like a proper new release, as opposed to an excuse to shove a nostalgic name back into the world. In due time, it would be a delight to hear an entirely new record, but for now, Mr. Bungle's career feels more complete than before.

The electrifying songwriting speaks for itself. The visceral tremolo picking and thunderous double bass do leave room for a chuckle here and there, but the musicality on this album is no laughing matter.

So much virtuosity and talent packed in one band, one album. The addition of Ian and Lombardo is genius. Patton, Dunn, and Spruance are as clever, enigmatic, and brilliant as they were when they kicked this off 35 years ago.

The biggest improvement here is undeniably Patton’s voice, which is a whole lot more flexible, way deeper and gnarlier, growling and shrieking like there’s no tomorrow–almost as if he knew what 2020 would be made of when he was in the recording booth. Oh, and they messed with the track list a li’l bit, since the boys always like to surprise their fans with curveballs.

Make no mistake this is pure Thrash… with a capital T. It of course has the additional layers of complexity, humour and flat out fun with which Bungle devotees will be no doubt familiar… but this is not some half-baked exercise in the Bungle you may know doing Thrash, it is the rabid compositions of a young and hungry Thrash band that later diversified into a musical monstrosity.

The Raging Wrath of the Easter Bunny is neither a nostalgia trip nor three high school buddies wanting to relive their glory days. It’s a singular entry in the bands discography that should garner the same devotion of the bands more eclectic past releases.


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