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Kerrang! | July 28th 1990 | Issue 300

It's So Easy, But We Still Care A Lot

Don Kaye


Just a brief word on Mind Funk who are getting to be the talk of the town and who I had the opportunity to see for the first lime this evening. They turned in a very solid performance, and the last five songs or so really dug some iron boots into my spine. There's still some fine tuning to be done, but the future looks promising. 

I'm not sure what the future holds for Circus Of Power and tonight's set hinted towards some very disturbing notions. Rumour has it that certain members of the quintet are not getting along very well, and a tension seemed almost palpable on the stage. Sure, the band were tight, and numbers like 'Doctor Potion' and 'Motor' cruised along with suitable power but something was lacking. 

Maybe I was imagining things, but there seemed to be no chemistry between the musicians. It reminded me of the last Dokken show I saw, with each member keeping to his own little pocket of the stage. Things were much the same here, and although the show had its musical high points, COP'S demeanour left me cold. 

It was completely the opposite for Faith No More, who had the packed house in their hands from the word go, and never let up. This band are about to explode in the US, and the months and months of touring have paid off. FNM are a well-oiled machine, and whether or not Mike Patton ripped off the Chilis' Anthony Kiedis is irrelevant. 

This boy moves, and every leap and jerk of his contorting, agile body brings a new rush of adrenalin to the audience. Yes, at times it seems like Patton is a bit disconnected from proceedings, but the rest of his output deserves a break now and then. The set is pretty much the same as the last time they were here: 'From Out Of Nowhere' flashes from the stage like well-placed lightning, setting a pace. We also get a moody 'Edge Of The World' a zippy 'We Care A Lot' the Nestle chocolate theme song (don't know if you get this one in the UK) and, of course, 'Epic' which had 2500 would-be rappers pantomiming their favourite moves, 

Pizza and Patton flew into the audience, guitarist Jim Martin actually spoke, and it all ended with The Commodores 'Easy'. It's all becoming very easy for these guys. 

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