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Kerrang! | June 10th 1989 | Issue 242


Teach The World To Thing 

Kate Nisbett

Hell,  Faith No More have done it again and produced a fully-fledged rock pigeon which refuses to be put in a hole.  Effectively mixing disparate styles, 'The Real Thing' alternately gets your foot  tapping, head nodding and backbone shivering. 

The diverse and unconventional - in rock - rhythms of drummer Mike Bordin and funky bass of Bill Gould are expertly blended with the crunchy rock guitar of Jim Martín. 

As such, this album follows in the footsteps of '88's 'Introduce Yourself but with an overall slicker and tighter sheen. 

In Mike Patton they seem to have found a fitting vocalist, both musically and  personality- wise. I guess however much I miss Chuck Mosley's style and haircut, his voice did grate just a teeny bit now and then, and if the band are happier now so much the better. 

Though whether the band's new-found professionalism is due to Chuck's departure and less 'inner conflicts' or just a natural progression I wouldn't  know. 

As usual, expect the unexpected. From the rock-out of single 'From Out Of Nowhere' through 'Surprise! You're Dead' - a real tight Hardcore Metal Thrash with class - to quick-slow instrumental 'Woodpecker From Mars' they always keep you on your toes. 

Then there s the hard-hitting rap/rock of 'Epic', and 'Zombie Eaters' which lulls you at the start as an acoustic love song with soaring keyboards (hi Derek!), but in true FNM or Metallica style jerks you to life with menace and aggression, it's around this point on the album that the 17 universes really do intersect for me. And don't forget the teasing build-ups and off-beat rhythms (again) on 'The Real Thing'. 

My personal niggle with the FNM sound is the keyboards, courtesy Roddy Bottum, for instance on the title track and the bubbling 'Underwater Love', though that's not to say you won't love 'em - and it's certainly not enough for me to drop that last kerrlassic K. And just as I get to thinking they've lost that raw edge, that urgency and roughness I loved about 'introduce Yourself, they kick back and shut me up. 

Watch out for two extra tracks on the CD and cassette versions - a phenomenal cover of 'War Pigs' and a laid-back ambling swing with plonking piano and nasal 'Edge Of The World'. 

It's the Real Thing and it takes some beating. 

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