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Melody Maker | 1993


FAITH NO MORE fly into the UK this week for their Phoenix appearance amid controversy following a poster campaign in Australia claiming singer Mike Patton is a woman basher and with news that bassist Billy Gould has been left with permanent burns scars after he set his head on fire celebrating his birthday.

Patton has been the subject of a poster campaign after a backstage incident following a Faith No More show in Wollongong, just outside Sydney. As the band were relaxing backstage, a girl came up to Patton, and before he could move away, handcuffed herself to his wrist!

Patton spent the next two hours chained to the girl while roadies and members of the band tried to free them. After two hours, the cuffs came off. When the girl then refused to leave

Patton alone, he pushed her away. She tripped and fell on the floor. The following day, feminists organised a poster campaign throughout the city, with pictures of the singer headed by the words, “Patton is a woman basher".

The band's problems continued in Melbourne when bassist Billy Gould, celebrating his 30th birthday, inadvertently set fire to his head with some birthday candles. Roadies smothered his head with wet towels and Gould was taken to hospital. He was released after medical attention.

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