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Mike Patton Deathmatch The Winner!

Over the last ten days you have been voting to crown the ultimate Mike Patton album and we have a winner.

We started out with 32 albums featuring Patton including FNM, Mr. Bungle, Fantômas, Tomahawk, Peeping Tom, Dead Cross, Mondo Cane and his soundtrack work. FNM dominated the polls and other heavy weights were soon history.

Of course these kind of knock out competitions are unbalanced and the results are in no way a measure of the man of 1000 voices greatest recordings - it was just a bit of fun.

Angel Dust beat Album of the year 84% to 16% and The Real Thing beat Disco Volante 79% to 21% in the quarter finals. This left us the predictable FNM final.

Faith No More's 1992 masterpiece record Angel Dust 72%

Faith No More's 1989 breakthrough album The Real Thing 28%

This proves unequivocally that Angel Dust is the greatest Patton album ever!! Thanks for taking part and if you have any ideas for future polls please let us know.

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