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Mr. Bungle At The Grammys

Updated: Mar 16

Mr. Bungle music made a surprise appearance at The 66th Annual Grammy Awards last night (Sunday 4th February) in Los Angeles.

So, the band themselves weren't at the ceremony, the house band played Carousel from Mr. Bungle's 1991 debut record when Boy Genius won the award for Best Rock Performance.

This is not the first time Mike Patton music has been represented at this particular awards evening, in 2022 the house band played Mr. Bungle's My Ass Is On Fire when St. Vincent collected their award for Best Alternative Music Album.

At the 2019 Grammys Tomahawk's God Hates A Coward played when High On Fire approached the stage to accept the award for Best Metal Performance. When Beck's Colors won Best Alternative Music Album we heard Carousel.

The reason why we are treated to such excellent music at the Grammys each year is because of Argentinian born composer, producer, music director, conductor and musician Cheche Alara. Cheche's many musical accomplishments include the musical director of the Grammy's and the conductor of Patton's Mondo Cane project. Cheche had this to say about Mr. Bungle to Mondo Sonoro in 2019.

"I think Bungle is one of the most important bands in history. Listening to them is always a master class on music, art, freedom ... a unique combination of attitude and deep knowledge. They were and will continue to be unique and great! When Mike called me to be part of Mondo Cane, it was a very funny conversation because, as he did not know me personally, the talk started very formal and polite, I think he imagined someone rather rigid and formal, from another world until I told him that Bungle always blew my mind! After his surprise, we broke the ice and started a great conversation. All the Bungle musicians who went through Mondo Cane have blown my mind numerous times."

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