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Mr Bungle South America 2022

Updated: Mar 16

Mr. Bungle have completed six dates in South America and what better way for Mike Patton to make his triumphant return the big stage after his personal struggles than with his oldest band mates and his most adoring audience.

In December 2022 the latest version of the band stormed through Chile, Argentina and Brazil with their own brand of Easter bunny metal performing six packed out shows over a week. Thursday 8th and Saturday 10th at Teatro Coliseo and Sunday 11th at Knotfest in Santiago. Tuesday 13th at Teatro Centenario in La Serena. Thursday 15th at Teatro Flores in Buenos Aires. And, on the 18th a second Knotfest on Sunday 18th at Sambódromo do Anhembi in São Paulo.

Patton was nothing less than brilliant (as were Trey, Trevor, Dave and Scott Ian) and looked to be in high spirits - the man of 1000 voices reborn in front of thousands of adoring fans.

Knotfest produced some wonderful moments and saw the emergence of a super mega bunny metal group - Mr. Bungle meets Anthrax meets Slayer meets Sepultura..... meets Fantomas! It was awesome as Andreas Kisser and Derrick Green joined the band for renditions of Territory.

We have collected photos, videos and reviews from the shows.

December 8th / 10th Teatro Coliseo, Santiago

Patton takes off his poncho and says, "It's hot, motherfucker." Then, smiling, he asks the public `"Do you like this band of old people, of grandparents?", to which a loud "yes" is heard from all those who packed the Coliseo Theater. These gladiators beat us with 20 songs , including 'Anarchy Up Your Anus,' 'Glutton for Punishment,' 'Methematics,' and 'Sudden Death.' Patton continues to have a phenomenal voice and the way he can vary his voice makes his performances Unmatched flexibility and power.

December 11th Knotfest Santiago

What Mr. Bungle presented at the Monumental was precisely what it promised: a show full of thrash metal , where the songs give no breath to those who venture into the moshpits that have formed on the field. It was under these parameters that relentless tracks like “ Anarchy Up Your Anus ”, “ Rapping Your Mind ” or “ Spreading The Thighs Of Death ” played, executed with an impressive pulse from the entire instrumental section, especially Lombardo's incomparable drums and bass. galloping Trevor Dunn , who were the perfect support for Ian and Trey Spruance to attack with the devastating riffsthat give the right body to the booming interpretations of “ Eracist ”, “ Bungle Grind ” or the tremendous nod to “ Hell Awaits ” by Slayer , which lit up the spirits on the court.

December 15th Teatro Flores Buenos Aires

The Argentina-France final next Sunday also had an outstanding moment in the interaction between the band and the audience. Well into it, Patton wished us “ a lot of shit .” For the final game of the World Cup, he signed and kicked a ball and taught his bandmates how to form a football wall. Scott Ian, the one who knows the least Spanish in the group, got the applause when he said, in English: “ These are the only two words I know how to say in Spanish: 'Fuck France!' ”.

With people already in his pocket for a while, Mr. Bungle said goodbye to Buenos Aires with another nod to South America: “Territory”, the classic of classics by the Brazilian Sepultura , the most popular heavy metal band in the southern hemisphere. A goodbye that, hopefully, is just a see you later.

December 18th Knotfest São Paulo.

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