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Review Up Your Butt - Raging Wrath of the Easter Bunny Live!

Mr. Bungle have finally released their re-imagined version of their 1986 demo Raging Wrath of the Easter Bunny, and on Halloween the band performed a virtual live set.

If you dare to listen to the Podcast Croissant you will already know this story - In February I flew out to the Faith No More sacred mecca of San Francisco to combine a geeky tour of the band's historic hot spots with a night of Bungle music at The Warfield. Part of my reasoning in making the 5,000 mile journey was that twenty years ago I was much closer to home and saw Mr. Bungle at Nottingham Rock City for what would turn out to be their last show. It seemed cosmically correct I saw them return.

If we are honest the latest incarnation of the band has left fans divided. There are those that think this new metal head superstar line up kick ass and those that miss the genre twisting presence of Heifetz and McKinnon.

After my trip to the golden city I returned home firmly in the ‘this isn’t my Bungle’ camp and hoping this was just a phase. As the year has progressed Bungle have hammered out promo for the re-recording of RWOTEBD more than the band has ever promoted anything before - the more you are exposed to something the more you warm to it.

Whichever camp you reside in there is no denying that Mr. Bungle continues to challenge and surprise it’s fans always.

They tell me you can hear the power of Slayer and the grind of Anthrax - that’s the exact reason Bungle enlisted metal legends Lombardo and Ian but I can hear Bungle ramped up to overdrive, you know those bits from their debut record.

For those of us familiar with the scratchy original 1986 demo it’s astounding how closely to those teenage power parts the band have mimicked their reinvention, but let’s take this recording as the band want us to - a new tribute to that era.

On Halloween Patton, Dunn, Spruance, Ian and Lombardo presented us with The Night They Came Home - a pay per view mind blowing live performance. Don't read on if you have yet to see the show, SPOILERS!!

After putting my kids to bed full of candy I settled down to what felt like the most anticipated moment of this shitty year so far. The video starts off with a short black and white documentary featuring the band somewhat explaining the process behind the record and live show. Next we were treated to Neil Hamburger's comedy set, which performed to a silent room was even more bizarre than usual, as he hilariously ripped into Foo Fighters, fans and more.

Now to the music - set in Eureka public library and with Patton in character as demonic cross between Mister Rogers and Coolio it started with some great humour and some quiet book reading by the band.

After the Won’t You Be My Neighbor? intro the Bungle boys launched into perfect renditions of Anarchy Up Your Anus and Raping Your Mind. It was Raping Your Mind that convinced me that 2020 Bungle is a great thing. The camera angles and lighting all enhanced the experience and made for impressive viewing. Followed by Bungle Grind and the amazing Methematics with a Slayer cover and Summer Breeze by Seals & Crofts being a show highlight.

Eracist, World Up My Ass (Circle Jerks cover) and Glutton For Punishment tore up the room with Patton stopping for several Espresso breaks and delivering a perfect English accent while 'the band got their shit together'.

Hypocrites/Habla Español O Muere ruled and Trey was on fire with his solos. Spreading The Thighs of Death, Loss For Words and Sudden Death with Trevor's new bright red mohawk, Lomardo's insane drum fills and Ian's meticulous guitar hand were delicious. And, finally the band returned for an encore performing Van Halen's Loss of Control as a tribute to the late guitarist. Throughout the show there was a real sense of comradery and fun.

With comical cameos from Henry Rollins, Eric Andre and more this show felt like something really special.

We can not recommend this enough. You can still get a ticket and watch for the next 48 hours HERE.

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