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Watch Mike Patton perform with Laurie Anderson at San Francisco Jazz Center

On Saturday January 25th Mike Patton and Laurie Anderson performed Quanjing Jieyao Pian,  the final chapter of Jixiao Xinshu at Miner Auditorium in the SF Jazz center

Laurie Anderson 2020 SF Residency Night 3: Together with Mike Patton and Rubin Kodheli, Anderson explored the outer edges, going into full Patton shriek, scrape and shout territory. Lots of improv. The second half focused on Lou Reed’s universe of Tai Chi. He was working on a book on Tai Chi when he died, which Anderson just completed. The trio explored the meditative element of Tai Chi, culminating in Patton reciting Reed’s 'The Power of the Heart.' - Anil Prasad

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