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Bill Gould and Mike Bordin Podcast Interviews

Mike Bordin guests on The Trap Set with Joe Wong and Billy Gould guests on The Vinyl Guide with Nate Goyer.

Mike talks with Joe Wong about his life in music starting with his early love of Black Sabbath, meeting Cliff Burton and his drums teachers. He describes how Epic changed his life and the commercial success of FNM.

Mike Bordin delivers trance inducing rhythmic patterns with earth-shattering power. This inimitable style places him in the pantheon of all-time great rock drummers. Mike and Joe discuss: Mike's journalist grandfather who worked as editor of The Milwaukee Sentinel; how Mike and his childhood friend, legendary bassist Cliff Burton, began playing their respective instruments together; how music saved Mike's life; how he developed his explosive drum technique; the steady trajectory of Faith No More; hanging out around Tony Williams; playing with Ozzy; and Mike's preference for living in the present.

Bill talks with Nate Goyer on his amazing podcast about Talking Book II and Koolarrow Records. The two also touch on Bill's history with early FNM.

Billy Gould has always charted an unconventional direction. Today he shares about his vinyl history, his label Koolarrow Records and his experimental project "Talking Book" whose new LP is getting the vinyl treatment in limited numbers. Oh yeah, and check out Dubioza Kolektiv!

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