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Billy Gould mixed The New COMO ASESINAR A FELIPES Album 'MMXX'

The Chilean hip hop experimental jazz outfit have released their eight record via Bill's Koolarrow Records.

The Faith No More bassist takes to the mixing desk for the fifth time, their last album together Naturaleza Muerta released in 2019 won two Pulsar awards for best urban music artist and album of the year.

Bill told Latercera

“I had been talking to the band before hearing any of the music, and they explained that they were heading towards more electronic instrumentation, but that the music was good. I totally agreed with the concept, but was curious what it meant (...) It was different, but not drastically, because the band's vibe was still completely intact and I could still feel that characteristic quality in the music that sets them apart. from the rest".

Songs on MMXX were remixed by other artists of more extreme styles, Bill curated this and enlisted artists such as Shane Embury of Napalm Death and Igor Cavalera.

“This is not a band that fits into a neat category, they can be seen from many directions. And each different artist, in my opinion, has been able to shine a different light on the band. All the guys who contributed were interested in the material. That is also important ”.

Bill elaborated more to Mondo Sonoro,

“My approach to remixes has to do with, somehow, making the artist see in a broken mirror. It's the same band, but reformulated in a way that it casts a totally different perspective on them. The song has some blues in it; and I know CAF well: I know that this is the furthest thing from what they could do. I didn't know what they would think of the song, but they loved it ”

Bill and the band took part in several interviews by our friend Adriano Mazzeo.

"...the band delivers their classic sounds to with with an almost entirely electronic foundation. In many ways this approach represents a deconstruction, and yet it is also a rebuilding — clearly there is inspiration within their undeniable musical personality" - Koolarrow

Get the record on iTunes

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