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Circus | October 31st 1990

Faith No More's Mike Patton Video game junkie

The lead singer of FNM (and Mr. Bungle) is a self-confessed video game junkie. Mike owns the Nintendo, Super Nintendo, and Sega Genesis systems, as well as portable units GameBoy and GameGear.

So which is your favourite system?

I'll have to say that so far I've been challenged the most by Sega. I've also dove into computer games recently, after condemning them for years.

Which are your favourite video games?

At the moment, probably Road Rash. It's the one I play the most. Sonic 2 is totally amazing. I'm near the end of that. For the Super Nintendo, Smash TV is really amazing. It's pure carnage. If you just want to pick up a game and kill somebody, that's the one. When I first got into Nintendo, I played RBI Baseball. It's a classic. Nobody's made one like it since.

Any other guys in the band play these games?

No, and if they did, maybe I'd feel better about my little habit. Billy plays computer games. He's the one who twisted my arm and forced me to jump into them. Spaceship Warlock is really good.

You sound hooked, bro.

Well, what I'd really love to do someday is score music for video games.

Prince and U2 are releasing carts where you'll be able to remix your own music videos.

That's self-caressing bullshit. I just want to write the music. I don't even want my name on it.

So you wouldn't want fans remixing their own video for "Epic," let's say. 

For Chrissakes, no. I just want to fit music to video images. Do you know these people at Sega? Can you hook me up?

We'll try our best.

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