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Faith No More Battle Of The Songs - The Winner!

You have been voting on our Facebook page for your favourite Faith No More song.

We started two weeks ago with 32 songs picked from Spotify as the most played from FNM's catalogue. Some classics were missing but all seven albums were represented.

The competition saw some favourites knocked out easily, others were extremely close battles. The quarter finals were tight with the groundbreaking song Epic edging past From Out Of Nowhere either by it's importance in the band's history or sheer nostalgia. Everything's Ruined beat King For A Day and heavyweight Midlife Crisis put 1995 FNM out of the running. The Real Thing knocked out the final Chuck Mosley era song left in the competition and FNM anthem We Care A Lot was gone.

We reached the semi finals and Eveything's Ruined and Epic were neck and neck to the end with ER winning 50.2% to 49.8%. Midlife Crisis comfortably beat The Real Thing to make it an all Angel Dust final.

Everything's Ruined 32% VS Midlife Crisis 68%

'You're perfect yes it's true, but without me you're only you.'

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