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Faith No More Crew relief

FNM have set up a new exclusive merch page to help their crew who are facing a year without income due to covid-19

A message from Bill Gould:

"There’s been plenty of attention about the collapse of the concert industry, how it has been impacting musicians, artists, agents… but very little coverage has focused on the impact it’s made on a crucial element of live music and touring: the crew. Without a band’s crew, the show does not go on; yet, in light of the recent postponements, they have been left with few options to support themselves, or their families. And speaking of families, the band that you know as Faith No More is more than the five musicians you see on stage. It is a larger family, an ecosystem that includes backline, a production manager, lighting, sound and tour management. We had an entire summer of touring booked - and now, as a result of this pandemic, all of our crew have been put into a seriously vulnerable financial position. We have been working with these folks for years, and we feel very close to them. Since shows are not an option, we are trying to do what we can to offset this unfortunate turn of events with a special merch sale."

We’ve created a couple of exclusive merch items and have also gathered a few autographed pieces.

Because we are trying to raise money for the crew, we are doing a short pre-sale on the shirts and masks, and will only print enough to satisfy the pre-order. These will not be available anywhere else and only for a limited time. This merchandise will not be produced in the future.

The signed items are very very limited. For some posters, there are less than 10 available and we have fewer than 20 signed drum heads and albums.

  • Exclusive T-shirt Design - 'Wash Those Hands’ in four different colors, designed by our production manager

  • Covid Mask Design - FNM Star

  • Signed Sol Invictus LPs - Limited amount of gold & clear vinyl LPs signed by the band

  • Signed Gig Posters - Six different limited silkscreened gig posters from 2009 European tour signed by the band

  • Signed Drum Heads - Limited amount of gig-used drum heads from the 2015 tour signed by the band

ALL proceeds will go to our crew.

Anika Tour Assistant Shaun Production Manager Chaz Lighting Director Michael Front of House Niccolò Monitors Max Bass & Keys Tech Dave Guitar Tech

Abel Drum Tech

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