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Faith No More Re-released 'Epic' On August 27th 1990

Faith No More released Epic as a single for the second time on August 27th 1990.

On January 29th 1990 FNM released Epic as the second single from The Real Thing however it wasn't until February that the song achieved any recognition and entered the UK singles chart at #38. Relentless touring, an appearance on Top Of The Pops, and an aggressive promotional campaign helped push the band's popularity in the UK.

It wasn't until May that the video for Epic began getting regular MTV airplay and the US audience increased. Faith No More were engaged in a European tour when Epic entered the Billboard Hot 100 at #71 on June 23 - almost a year from The Real Thing’s release.

In Australia the song found much quicker success and hit #1 in August.

In late August, Epic became the sixth bestselling single in the US and the twenty-sixth most played song on radio.

The band’s rise in the UK and the USA continued and Epic was re-released in the UK on August 27th, shooting up to #25 within weeks,

In the USA, peak Faith No More day was September 6 1990. That week’s single sales and airplay propelled Epic to #9 on the Billboard 100.

Read more about the writing and history of the song HERE.

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