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Faith No More Released 'A Small Victory - Remixed By Youth' 28 Years Ago!

On September 1st 1992 Faith No More released an EP featuring remixes of A Small Victory by Martin Glover, AKA Youth.

The R-evolution 23 (Full Moon) Mix and Sundown Mix were re-imaginings of the original song produced by Youth, bass player with Killing Joke. This was the first Faith No More song to be produced and engineered by someone other than Matt Wallace and the band, plus their first fully fledged exploration into electro dance music.

The remix was highly endorsed by the band, with the possible exception of Jim Martin who at the time had professed a dislike of 'techno' music.

Patton wants to print up a t-shirt featuring Jim in familiar thumbs up pose, bearing the legend, 'Jim Martin says Techno's OK', There's not much the guitarist hates more than Techno. The band have just heard the Youth mixes of their new single, 'A Small Victory', and they're happy as pigs in shite, Roddy is even planning to record a Techno track with Anne Magnusson and the Freds' Richard Fairbrass. "Now that we've found Youth, he can make us what we've always wanted ho be. I know everyone, repeat everyone, will be really into it." He fixes Jim with a beaming smile. The guitarist ignores him. - Melody Maker | August 1992

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