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Faith No More Released 'Evidence' As A Single 25 Years ago!

On July 17th 1995 Faith No More released Evidence as the third single from King For A Day Fool For A Lifetime.

Faith no more have been endeavouring to write a slick and smooth pop sing since the eighties. Anne’s Song was too alternative and Edge of the World too perverse. The theory was there but the end result lacked the finesse.

To achieve their ambition in releasing ‘elevator’ music the band instead would have to rely on the talents of others covering Lionel Richie's heartbreak groove Easy and the soundtrack muzak of Midnight Cowboy.

In fact Bordin’s jazz influence, Patton’s love of Sade and Gould’s preoccupation with easy-listening would not be represented within FNM’s own repertoire until 1995.

"That's the one I'm most proud of. All the loud songs turned out really great on this album, really aggressive, and we've always done that really well. But the smoother songs I've never felt we've gotten exactly right. And this one is pretty damn close to being *exactly* right." - Mike Bordin 1995

Evidence has a relaxed swing similar to the jazz-funk movement which sweep through the charts during the late 90s. The song stands out on King For A Day as it’s delicate bounce sits amongst some of the most aggressive tracks FNM have ever written.

With Trey's guitar licks and Roddy's lounge piano Evidence is close to soul yet there still remains a trademark twist especially in Patton's sexually charged lyrics painting a visceral but nonetheless stomach-churning picture.

"We've always wanted to write a great pop song, Evidence is just that. I think we needed to lose a guitarist to achieve the end result." - Patton 1997

The video continued to portray the dark and grungy scenes that had become familiar with the band along with an awkward humour.

Dressed in Italian designer elegance the five members jam in a seedy underground club behind protective glass while the apathetic audience looks on in horror. Patton drinks wine while Roddy is the usual suspect and gets pulled out of a police lineup. Directed by Walter Stern and filmed at the 181 Club in San Francisco.

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