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Faith No More | Rock For People, Czech Republic - June 5th 2015

Faith No More's European and UK tour in support of Sol Invictus was five years ago.

FNM began their Sol Invictus tour in Japan, Australia and the USA before returning to Europe in May 2015. The fifth date was on Friday June 5th in Hradec Králové, Czech Republic at Rock For People Festival.


Faith No More came to compensate Czech fans for the unrealized concert at the same festival three years ago. At that time, two storms collided over the Festivalpark in Hradec Králové , and the subsequent storm interrupted the event so sharply that the prepared band left without performing. The conditions did not allow the concert.

"Where's the rain?" Keyboardist Roddy Bottum asked a few minutes before Friday's 23rd when the Faith No More concert began. The answer was an acknowledged applause. So the band was at least surprised by the fireworks, which took place a few hundred meters next to the stage, and was not part of the festival program, as it was enjoyed by someone who held their own party on the side plot. At first, it obviously made the American band a little nervous at first, but after a while, so to speak, they threw up the chain and the concert gained momentum. After a few minutes, the fireworks were over.

Experts at Faith No More created this part of the audience at this year's Rock for People, which was satisfied and enthusiastic about the performance. Those who came to see the band, which is being talked about in connection with the new album and participation in the festival, were a little surprised, because it was a listening-intensive evening, because Faith No More also played songs from the May news Sol Invictus, the first new album released after eighteen years.

The new compositions, which alternated with the older ones in the repertoire, are arranged in an arrangement and are too much in conflict with classical straightforward or vaulted melodies. On the contrary, they are a pleasure for lovers of dynamic changes, musical jokes and freedom in creation.

Each member of the band is a personality in their field. Faith No More did a good job and their concert was the real culmination of Friday's program.

Music Server

Legends of the 1990s, crossover experimenters Faith No More, returned to the grounds of Hradec Králové Airport to pay off a debt to the audience of the Rock For People audience from 2012, when a performance was prevented by a violent and devastating storm. In addition, Patton's band released a new album "Sol Invictus", which they also presented live.

When a storm hit the festival park in Hradec Králové in 2012, which prevented the Faith No More concert , it was an unfulfilled dream of many fans of several generations. Three years later, there was a second way to see the crossover gods again, in addition to brand new material. Those who know the band probably knew that it would be a unique and non-traditional experience. And also that it worked.

The stage already surprised with an unusually decorated scene in white and many artificial flowers scattered all over the area. Even the boxers preparing the podium were dressed in white coveralls. For half past ten, the members of the main stars, not only Friday's program, but the entire festival, have already walked. Patton and his companions also acted in white as some strange missionaries from Oceania. The set then started one of the singles of the new album "Motherfucker" played at a calm pace.

The concert then spanned the entire career of the band, from the debut of "We Care A Lot", which featured two songs, through the most famous records "The Real Thing" and "Angel Dust", to the comeback novelty "Sol Invictus" . While even a knowledgeable fan could often be surprised by live arrangements of famous hits, the new songs worked fantastically. The extra "Superhero" or the charming "Black Friday" were the highlights of the whole set. A little surprisingly, however, did not say "Sunny Side Up", which with its hit ambitions about the concert performance was clearly called.

Of course, the inaudible hits like "Midlife Crisis" or "Last Cup Of Sorrow" received a stunning response from the crowd of several thousand. The legendary cover "Easy", which was sung with the members by almost everyone present, especially pleasant, especially those who played this huge hit countless times in a row as teenagers in the 1990s, was also pleasant. The calm tempo of the famous hit of the band Commodores contrasted pleasantly with the otherwise mostly sharp to euphoric recorders and gave the fans a moment of rest.

The hour and a half long set, which included two returns with a total of five additions, was carried at a captivating pace, in which the band members did not run around the stage (after all, they are gentlemen in years), but they caught up with everything with their instrumental gala performances. Whether it's Patt's incredible vocal, which only recorded false moments here and there, especially in quieter positions, or the keyboardist Roddy Bottum, who literally enchanted with his instrument.

is during the concert that one realizes why Faith No More are legends and why their work has changed the concept of not only metal, but also rock music in general. No other band is described by the crossover genre. Their live performance had a charge, an idea, an atmosphere, a gradient and moments of surprise. In short, all the parameters of an unforgettable concert. It only disrupted private fireworks near the festival park, which lasted during the first three songs and disturbed the attention of the audience and the band. But this is just a small scar on an otherwise flawless experience.



Set List


Be Aggressive




Black Friday


Midlife Crisis


The Gentle Art of Making Enemies

Easy (Commodores)

Last Cup of Sorrow

As the Worm Turns


Ashes to Ashes


Sol Invictus

This Guy's in Love With You (Burt Bacharach)

We Care a Lot


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