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Faith No More | Rock In Vienna, Austria - June 4th 2015

Faith No More's European and UK tour in support of Sol Invictus was five years ago.

FNM began their Sol Invictus tour in Japan, Australia and the USA before returning to Europe in May 2015. The fourth date was on Thursday June 4th in Vienna, Austria at Rock In Vienna Festival.

Even if heat and dust rule, you can still show a certain amount of style: The US band Faith No More has impressively demonstrated this on the first day of the Rock in Vienna festival on the Danube Island. The group around eccentric Mike Patton at the microphone moved the crowds at this open-air event for the first time in the late Thursday afternoon, surrounded by a flowery set.

However, it was by no means only the slightly kitschy frame that made the quintet dressed in lederhosen and checkered shirts the first highlight: Patton and co served the crowd - according to official figures, around 30,000 people gathered for the musical experience on the island Best-of-Set peppered with current songs that left nothing to be desired. From the early "Epic", which kidnapped again in the 90s, to the somber "Ashes To Ashes", which was gloomy despite the summer temperatures, there was something from all creative phases of the US group.

>>> Forest fire during "Rock in Vienna"

The fact that new songs found their way into the setlist with the melodious feat "Motherfucker" or the energetic "Superhero" is a peculiarity in that the band has let 18 years pass since their last album. "The big challenge for us was to get to this point at all, that we write new music," said bass player Billy Gould before the performance in the APA interview. "After that everything went pretty smoothly. But I wish it didn't take that long."

The long journey was worth it in any case: With "Sol Invictus" Faith No More presented a very convincing and, above all, seamlessly following album, which leads in a pleasant way to past times. "What counts in the end: We are happy with the result," emphasized the still incredibly driving stupid Mike Bordin, whose long dreadlocks are now whirling through the air in shades of gray. "It was the right decision and the right time to do it."

Gloud compared the creation of the new songs to a culinary affair. "It's like a cake: it should be big and taste good. So you start this task and just start to work. We did that too." It is still an advantage that you understand yourself almost blindly. "We can already hear the finished songs in our heads, and that's how we communicate with each other," said the bass player. "It is quite extraordinary: when I hear something and tell the others, they immediately know what I am talking about. You cannot teach anyone to listen to music in the same way as you do yourself. But with us it is not even necessary . "

Patton adds a trace of craziness to this fundamental harmony in a live context: The eyes wide open, the singer clasps his microphone, is flattering, then roaring, and challenges the festival audience with weird statements. During a quieter phase, those present are often shouted at with "Meditate, Motherfucker" before fans of the headliner Metallica are targeted.

Faith No More stand out, even in the case of a line-up that squinted deeply into the past, as Rock in Vienna shows: So you could trace the wedding of Thrash Metal beforehand or with the rap metal combo body Count wander in politically incorrect spheres. Rapper Ice-T liked himself as macho par excellence, but his band did not win an innovation award with the current album "Manslaughter" either.

Then prefer a slightly progressive touch, which is paired with a good dose of catchiness at Faith No More. "We never emulated trends," said Gould. "It just wouldn't work. Instead, we listened to this crazy scientist who told us what to do," smiled the 52-year-old. "The guy was a genius." But even without jokes, Faith No More is still one of the most exciting live bands today. Lederhosen and flowers.

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