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Faith No More 'Who Cares A Lot?' Reissue Out March 19th

Warner Records are releasing a reissue of Faith No More’s first official greatest hits collection Who Cares A Lot? on limited edition gold vinyl.

The original collection was released on November 9th 1998 after the band had split and it was one of only two greatest hits records curated by the band themselves.

Who Cares A Lot? included previously unreleased songs The World Is Yours, I Won't Forget You, Hippie Jam Song and Instrumental.

Two cover variations were released in 1998 and will both be reissued by Rhino Records. The official release date is March 19th 2021 (March 26th UK) and this will be the first time released on vinyl. Pre-order HERE.

LP1 Side One:

  1. We Care A Lot

  2. Introduce Yourself

  3. From Out Of Nowhere

  4. Epic

LP1 Side Two:

  1. Falling To Pieces

  2. Midlife Crisis

  3. A Small Victory

  4. Easy

LP2 Side One:

  1. Digging The Grave

  2. The Gentle Art of Making Enemies

  3. Evidence

  4. I Started A Joke

LP2 Side Two:

  1. Last Cup of Sorrow

  2. Ashes To Ashes

  3. Stripsearch

Pre-order HERE.

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