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Future Metal | 1990 | Volume 2 No. 4

Compared to most of the other artists in this issue, the guys in Faith No More are old-timers. The band was put together way back in 1982 with original singer Chuck Mosely. His off handed antics and snotty attitude were a fine counterpoint to the psycho guitar of the crazed Jim Martin, Roddy Bottum's spooky keyboards, the funky plunks of bassist Bill Gould and the massive pound of drummer Mike Bordin. This formation put out two records before Chuck's unpredictability, both on and off stage, got him ousted from the band. A brief search for a new voice unearthed demented choirboy from hell Mike Patton, former front man for the San Francisco-based porn-funk outfit Mr. Bungle. With Mike lending his warped set of pipes center stage, Faith No More was reborn.

The Real Thing, FNM's 1989 release, has earned this quintet a mountain of critical ac- claim, along with some high-profile fans - most notably the members of Metallica, who took them along on the last leg of their Damaged Justice tour. Unfortunately, FNM's opening set was often underappreciated by headbangers who only hungered for the obvious-in other words, pure speed and power. But the guys in Faith No More shouldn't fret; they are the forerunners of a new wave of metal. Their unusual combination of rap, fire-breathing guitar and teasing twists and turns will set the standard for the heavy music of the '90s. Faith No More wraps itself warmly around your ears like a friendly boa constrictor then playfully hacks your sensibilities to shreds -and let's face it isn't that what metal is really all about?

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