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Ipecac Recordings Celebrates 21 Years

The record label founded by Mike Patton and Greg Werckman has been 'making people sick' since April 1st 1999

Ipecac is a place for Patton to release his music, whatever the genre. It began with Fantômas and Maldoror. Tomahawk, Peeping Tom and Mondo Cane followed. Dead Cross, Corpse Flower are his latest releases, with the latest tētēma and the label's first Mr. Bungle release - re-recording of 'The Raging Wrath of the Easter Bunny' on their way. It's not all about Patton however Ipecac Recordings is home to some of the most innovative modern music available today. Just check out their Spotify playlist of 'almost everything we've put out'.

Last year we celebrated Ipecac's 20th anniversary in style, we started by interviewing Greg himself. [Read the full interview]

"Being best friends with Mike and working with Mike has been a great honor. He is a real artist. His focus and attention is 100% on the creative process. Sales, charts, interviews, photos, reviews, touring are not things that he worries about or cares for as much as the collaboration of creating something unique. Each year we get several requests from people that want to write a book about him or do a documentary about him and hundreds of people that want to interview him. Quite simply, there is nothing he dislikes more than talking about himself. Let the music represent him. Could he sell more records if he did more interviews or made a certain type of record over and over again? Yeah, I'm sure he could, but that is not who he is and I respect that."

We also spoke to many of the artists who have released via the label. [Read the full tribute]

"I have been a part of Ipecac Recordings since the release of their first album. When I first started working with Mike and Greg I was gifted not only great friends, but with complete creative encouragement. No labels or limits." - Dave Lombardo

"Ipecac was initially created as a sort of haven for misfits, specifically Fantômas, at the time. The label continues to be a grassroots family whose business model is transparent. To be able to directly call and chat with the owners of the label about possible releases, licensing, distribution, etc is refreshing. And there are no inflated hopes about hit-making. It’s a very realistic place to launch one’s creativity." - Trevor Dunn

Happy birthday Ipecac...

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