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Kerrang! | January 14th 1995 | Issue 528


Steffan Chirazi

FAITH NO MORE have replaced guitarist Trey Spruance - whose departure was announced in last week's Kerrang!.

And Mayhem can exclusively reveal that Spruance's replacement is a former FNM keyboard technician! The newcomer is Dean Menta, most recently seen playing with local San Francisco indie heroes Duh. He was in Faith No More's road crew during their 'Angel Dust' world tour.

The departure of Spruance took place just before Christmas, when the young guitarist expressed reservations about his ability to stand the rigours of a world tour. Having recorded with the band on the forthcoming album 'King For A Day... Fool For A Lifetime' - due out in March through London - Spruance's departure was initially another set-back for the band in a year which had already seen them split with Jim Martin.

The band were in various places when Spruance broke the news to fellow Mr Bungle bandmate and FNM vocalist Mike.

"I wasn't so surprised when I heard about it," says Gould. "I'd been warned that something was going to happen sooner or later. You could also smell it. Trey's the kind of guy who'll say anything to make you feel good, and when people do that I get suspicious."

Spruance is reported to be 'independently wealthy', which has lead to local speculation about his lack of appetite for a massive FNM tour. UK dates are due in March.

Says Gould of their new man: "During the 'Angel Dust' tour Dean would play in soundchecks. Jim wouldn't always come to soundchecks so Dean would play guitar. It wasn't a case of 'being groomed' or anything. He was the guy who made himself available at soundchecks."

Says Dean: "I was there partially because I had nothing really to do on tour. I love travelling, but touring and working as a crew guy is the worst job, because you have all this free time.

"So, I was sort of studying Faith No More, not in a formulaic way, just because I was sitting there all the time. The way Jim and I play is very similar."

Though Menta is currently only 'tour guitarist', early signs suggest that he won't be moving on when live dates finish in a year-and-a-half or so.

"Dean's definitely a guy who can contribute something, finishes Gould.

"I think the best case scenario will be to have Dean contributing what he does and make it better for everybody. That's all we ever wanted."

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