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Kerrang! | July 28th 1990 | Issue 300

Patton picks no pepper


FAITH NO More have hit back at accusations made by Red Hot Chili Peppers frontman Anthony Kiedis that he is being ripped off by FNM vocalist Mike Patton.

Kiedis claimed in Kerrang 292:

"My drummer says he's gonna kidnap him (Patton), shave his hair off and cut off one of his feet, just so he'll be forced to find a style of his own."

Attempts to obtain Mike Patton's comments were rebuffed by publicists claims that: "Mike's got nothing to say.

However FNM keyboardist Roddy Bottum told Mayhem: "I think it's a kind of cheesy thing to say."

"To me, our band sounds nothing like Red Hot Chill Peppers. If you're talking about long hair, rapping with his shirt off, then yeah, I can see similarities. But beyond that, l can't see any."

Bottum said he was keen to contact Kiedis to check if the remarks had been made

"I haven't talked to them since this whole thing started. Were really good friends with that band and I'd like to think they're doing as a favour.

"I do it back as a kind of joke. I hope they're not serious about it. They probably are. They probably believe this, I dunno. It's pretty interesting."

Meanwhile, Bottum denies that Patton's controversial attempts to plug his other group, Mr Bungle, during interviews has led to a rift in FNM.

"He brings up his band, yeah, but I don't think the rest of us care much," Bottum said.

"It's kinda something he's coming to terms with on his own. It's his own thing and he'll probably grow out of doing that at some stage.

"If that's what he chooses to do with his time, then I guess it's up to him.

But bassist Bill Gould added: "It's a tasteless exercise in self-promotion. That sort of thing catches up with you, and with the people in this band, we make sure it does!" Bottum rounded off by claiming that there was less conflict in the band than there had been in the past.

The Real Thing' is currently in the Top 20

Billboard albums in the US, and has just attained Gold status.

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