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Kerrang! | July 31st 1993 | Issue 454

Faith No More have had a lot of flak for not being able to pull it off live in faceless stadiums, but in festival land, they reign supreme! After FNM have come on and done their New Kids On The Block dance (minus Big Jim Martin), how could you possibly not want to watch them right to the end? Anything could happen!

This is one of the most awesome sets I've ever seen. Maybe they're just playing up to the press, but they really DO seem to hate and detest the Big Sick Ugly guitarist.

Mike Patton spends the entire set verbally goading him, and surely Bill Gould didn't really just kick all Jim's amps over? With all this mayhem going on, you might expect them to be sloppy, but every song is near perfect, apart from 'Surprise, You're Dead', which always falls apart. They've finally shaken off 'The Real Thing', and even though we get a healthy selection from it, they could have got away with ignoring that classic album altogether.

Thousands sing along to 'Midlife Crisis' before Patton does a double somersault into the crowd. In years to come, you'll look back on seeing Faith No More play the Phoenix '93 the way your folks look back on seeing Hendrix at the Isle Of Wight - and Faith

No More will find it all rather humiliating!

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