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Listen To 'Baby, You're My Everything' By Roddy Bottum's Man On Man

Roddy and Joey Holman have released a second single and accompanying video.

" about gay love in quarantine."

Back in May Roddy told Rolling Stone, "It was apparent that we as artists were on the brink of a new now; a place we’d never been. We started talking about how best to document this chapter in history while staying artistically productive in isolation. Isolation for us has been a time of writing and making art and it brought us a lot closer together. We had a couple guitars and a piano and a keyboard and we wrote and recorded everything in the house we’re staying in. It’s been a window of enlightenment, honestly. It’s rare to have this much time for introspection."

During July and August Roddy shared twenty five new compositions via his BandCamp page.

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