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Listen To 'David Says' the New Track From Roddy Bottum And Hifiklub

In 2018 Roddy Bottum was in Toulon, France recording with French instrumental group Hifiklub we can now hear the first song from these sessions, David Says.

"Hifklub and Roddy Bottum met by chance in New York while the Toulon variable geometry quartet were working on In Doubt, Shadow Him!, their album and film with Lee Ranaldo (Sonic Youth). A few months later, a first musical rapprochement took shape with a project celebrating the American poetess Emily Dickinson. This initial collaboration quickly pushed the two parties to extend their discussions in the dynamics of a long format. True to its most impulsive creative approach, a handful of repetitions is useful to Hifiklub for composing the rhythmic and melodic bases of nine titles to which is added a very singular cover of Eye of the Tiger (Survivor). A single day was enough to record in the basements of an old nightclub, dark and damp. At this stage, the musical intention was directly inspired by this particular working environment: a pop trance, tight formats that contrast with the latest experimental proposals from Hifiklub. A plane ticket later, and Roddy Bottum finds himself on the French Riviera, in Saint Aygulf more exactly. Taking up the marked spontaneity of the musical tracks, the pianist of Faith no More wrote with the studio arrangements and texts which direct the compositions towards a definitive darkness. Bottum's voice, deep and melancholy, gives the project an unexpected sensuality.”

The collaboration's new album, Things That Were Lost In The Fire, will be released in June on Dreamy Life Records (USA) and Toolong Records (rest of the world / Differ-Ant distribution).

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