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Listen To 'It's So Fun (To Be Gay)' By Man On Man

The latest single from Roddy Bottum and Joey Holman, AKA Man On Man is a celebration of diversity and homosexuality.

Watch their latest video for the song It’s So Fun (to Be Gay), from their upcoming self-titled album out May 9th.

The video is a collage of home made videos, Roddy told Rolling Stone “We invited them to share a glimpse of themselves that exhibited a sense of pride and self-love. We wanted to leave it open and up for interpretation and aimed for a reflection of the community that inspires us.”

Roddy also assured us that when possible the duo will be performing live, “With the virus and the uprisings as the backdrop — it’s very poetic. Like, who goes through this in a lifetime? So it feels like a show of some magnitude has to happen with the release.

The fact that the music is speaking to people, it adds a whole responsibility to our journey. There’s just been so many twists and turns to this process that really are pretty remarkable. Well, they’ve also been tragic and horrible, but always remarkable. … So we have to make a performance happen.”

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