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Listen To New Billy Gould Interview with Protonic Reversal

Conan Neutron talks with Bill about Faith No More, Milk Cult, MC50 and the upcoming Talking Book II album

Online podcast Protonic Reversal talks with the FNM bassist for an hour in an new interview on episode 149 of their show.

Bill begins by discussing Talking Book II which is released on April 24th via Koolarrow. Then the host asks Bill about his brief work with Milk Cult in 1994 and with Jello Biafra in 2008. Bill also reveals a little on his touring time with MC50.

The chat also gets on to Faith No More, "...I don't think we ever worked out any of our issues we're still as complex as we were the first time around. Sometimes it makes perfect sense, sometimes it doesn't."

"There were a lot songs that never quite sat right. They were like 98% finished. When we came back and played them the second time we fixed them!"

The host asks Bill about the many different guitar players, and the alchemy of the band.

Bill reveals he's mixing the new Cómo Asesinar a Felipes album.

You can pre-order Talking Book II on limited edition vinyl now HERE.

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