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Listen To NotB412 Featuring Bill Gould

Bill Gould has collaborated with Australian musician and film director Travis Beard on the new album Asymmetrical Power.

Bill and Travis first worked together on the award winning documentary Rockabul which follows a rock band in war torn Afghanistan. Now Bill has contributed to the debut solo music project from Travis NotB412.

The album Asymmetrical Power is a thought-provoking attaché of 12 songs that explore global themes of pandemic response; singularity; data privacy; falling empires; digital detox and; toxic religious institutions. Best described as Cerebral-Dub-TripHop the album features collaborations with 12 artists from across the globe.

Bill features on the track Go To The Window and said about the project, “It’s creative projects like NOTB412, which make music fun. No rules, no expectations, just collaborating. It was great to take part in it.”

The album was banned by Youtube 7 hours after it was uploaded . The moderators state that the album violate medical misinformation policy. There is no anti-vax or antivirus content in the lyrics. Yet, in this album the musicians do question the government response to the pandemic and the long-term social ramifications, along with many other concerns we the public have.

The album was written and produced in Melbourne Australia 2020, while under a statewide lockdown and released under Sydney lockdown 2021. Travis was well aware that a musical dispatch merely in English would only reach so far, so he sent word to friends around the globe, inviting them to remotely collaborate. 12 musicians from Uzbekistan, China, Sri Lanka, Denmark, France, Kazakhstan and Jamaica poured their souls into his dark, dub, trip hop tunes. Travis also added in a little Australian and American musical pepper to balance this global melodic stew.

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