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Listen To The New Dirty O'Keeffe EP Featuring Bill Gould

Dirty O'Keeffe are a 'lockdown collaboration' featuring members of Stone Sour, Lagwagon, Trash N' Privilege and Bill Gould. Their new EP Heavy Water was released on September 27th.

Bill commented: "The pandemic had a few bright spots for me… and this was one. Great bunch of guys who went into this with genuine enthusiasm. What’s not to like?"

The brains behind the group Dave Raun said: "Having played with all these guys separately before, I was really excited about us all being a part of the same project. We just made music we wanted to make with zero pressure or expectation and lots of laughs. Everybody just brought their thing to the table and it’s a perfect blend."

Watch the visualizer for Heavy Water below, and stream the EP here.

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