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Listen To The New Song By Faxed Head

Faxed Head have recorded their first new music in twenty years - a new song called My Pfizer Nurse.

Mystery has always surrounded the band Faxed Head, there was a time in which we only knew the band included Trey Spruance ( aka Neck Head ). We know now that unconventional comedian Gregg Turkington ( aka Neil Hamburger , McPatrick Head ) provides lead vocals - as for the rest of the band we won't spoil the secrecy we just know them as Fifth Head, Jigsaw Puzzle Head, and LaBrea Tar Pits Head.

During the early nineties the band released several EPs before their first full length record Exhumed At Birth came out in 1997. This was followed in 2001 by Chiropractic released via Trey's own Web Of Mimicry label.

If Mr. Bungle's latest release wasn't weird enough for your tastes - My Pfizer Nurse is a fun, ugly and extreme mash of metal riffs and abstract noise. Check it out below.

The song was available on vaccination-syringe clear 7” vinyl, but it has sold out already!

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