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Man On Man Release Their Debut Album

Man On Man , the duo featuring Roddy Bottum and Joey Holman , have released their debut album via Polyvinyl Records.

Roddy is challenging Mike Patton for the role of 'busiest member of FNM' with countless great music releases and his latest project MAM have released their debut album. The record is written, performed and produced by Roddy and his partner Joey. With varying sounds and genres the album is infused with indie-rock distortion and soaked in gay pop confidence while still maintaining an acerbic and pure sense of humor.

The two have treated us to five songs thus far - Daddy, 1983, Baby, You're My Everything, Stohner, and It's So Fun (To Be Gay) - which are examples of how diverse this offering is.

The music is a reflection on the times we are currently living in due to the pandemic whilst also being a celebration of diversity and love. Roddy explained MoM’s intentions during a 2020 interview with Rolling Stone,“We’re setting out ultimately to document this odd time in the history of the world and to address the importance of creativity and togetherness.”

Two bodies dancing hot in the New York City winter before being pushed inside for the rest of 2020. Two hearts that, in the span of 6 months, faced the loss of both of their mothers, the matriarchs that bore them to this planet full of wonder. They held on tight to the beauty of living, together. With this shared language and the confines of quarantine they lost and loved even harder. Battling packed boxes and lost jobs, the two celebrated their tragic journey with broad shoulders forcing power chords and the harmonized chants of utter release. They huddled together for the future while leaking their hearts into pop melodies that collide effortlessly with both a shared melancholy and simultaneous hope.

1. Stohner

2. Daddy

3. It’s So Fun (To Be Gay)

4. Beach House

5. 1983

6. Baby, You’re My Everything

7. Two at a Time

8. Lover

9. Please Be Friends

10. Kamikaze

11. It Floated

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