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Matt Jacobs, The Artist Behind The Faith No More Comic Book Has Died

In 2015 we reviewed Faith No More and Mr. Bungle Comic Book written by Mike Wellman and illustrated by Matt Jacobs. Both Mike and Matt became friends of FNM Followers.

Sadly on December 21st of last year Matt passed away. Comic book author Mike Wellman has spoken to us about the death of his close collaborator and friend.

In 2012, I was hired to write the Faith No More comic book and I BEGGED Matt to do it, even though it was for a much lower page rate than he was worth. I also roped him into providing the animation for Vince Forcier’s ODDFELLOWS video by Tomahawk.

Matt and I would often find ourselves backstage at Faith No More shows and, before the comic came out, I pushed Matt to show Patton some of the artwork from his phone. Matt was terrified. “What if he hates it?” He said.

“If he hates it, we don’t have to tell him it’s your art. We’ll just tell him that we saw it somewhere and wanted to show him!”

Matt nervously showed Patton some of the pages on his phone and said “have you seen this?”

Patton’s eyes kinda popped out a bit and said “wow, man! This is pretty fucking cool. What is it?”

I chimed in and said “this is a comic we’re making. Matt here is the artist. It was going to be made anyway, so we wanted to make sure it was done right.”

Patton patted Matt’s shoulder and reiterated “That’s cool man! Thank you.”

I’ll never forget that elation that Matt (and I) had that night!

The comic came out three years later and we were both on cloud nine!

It’s one of my favorite things I’ve ever done. But more importantly, Matt was my closest musical brother! RIP

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1 Comment

Jan 18, 2022

His Art, Like the Bands he drew for, will Live Forever !! See you on "Cloud OU818" guy with an awesome eye for everything "Mike" Thank You...

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